Ramones About Green Day, The Offspring, Rancid And Soundgarden

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Green Day – St. Jimmy Live HD

Green Day performing St. Jimmy (American Idiot)

Billie Joe Armstrong – vocals, guitar
Tre Cool – drums
Mike Dirnt – bass guitar


Green Day News: Ordinary World Trailer Released & More Tour Dates Added on Revolution Radio Tour

Tour Dates Green Day Revolution Radio Tour


Ordinary World Billie Joe Armstrong Trailer Released

What happens when Revolution Radio turns into dad rock? You get Ordinary World, which features Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong in his first leading role as an actor. After appearing at the Tribeca Film Festival earlier this year, the dramedy will make its way onto theaters on October 14. Less than a month before its release, we’re now getting the first trailer.

The film’s premise is basically, “What if Green Day became irrelevant and 44-year-old Billie Joe Armstrong became a washed-up dad?” The trailer follows him as he goes punk for a night. Hijinks ensue with Fred Armisen making an appearance. Watch the clip below.

Billie Joe Armstrong has been to the top of rock and roll mountain. But in the new trailer for Ordinary World, the Green Day singer plays loveable punk rock wash-out Perry Miller, who is having a terrible, horrible, not so great 40th birthday. Rocking nerdy black frame glasses and and a not-so-cool red vest at his lame hardware store day job, Miller is bummed out when his wife (Selma Blair) forgets his birthday.

Green Day Robs a Band (Or Do They?) in Tim Armstrong-Directed ‘Bang Bang’ Video

So, he does what any failed rock star would do, he grabs his best bud (Fred Armisen) and has a blow out party at a hotel. Check out Armstrong’s first starring role, which will be released in theaters, digital HD and On Demand on Oct. 14:


Green Day:”Prosthetic Head” Live (MTV Europe)1997



Green Day @ Petersen Events Center [3/25/17]

Clips from Green Day’s performance at the Petersen Events Center on 3/25/17.


howard takes his family to green day concert gary is stuck in boston caller who does his mom

howard takes his family to green day concert – gary is stuck in boston – caller who does his mom


Shout (I Want You To Know) WHOLE BAND – Green Day Mainz 1 July 2010 [HD]

Green Day at Messepark, Mainz, Germany
The entire band (Tre, Jason Freese, Mike, Jason White, Jeff Matika and Billie) sing the ‘I want you to know’ part of shout one after another. It was quite the most amazing moment.


Billie Joe goes live at the airport of Green Day’s RevRad Tour… Jul 31, 2017


Greenday Nz Tour 2017 Vector Arena Bastketcase/She

New Zealand May 14 2017 Nz Tour Vectorarena


Boulevard of Broken Dreams – Green Day (Revolution Radio Tour) – Melbourne, 06/05/2017

‘Boulevard of Broken Dreams’ live at Rod Laver Arena (Melbourne, Australia) – 6th of May 2017