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Simple Plan (self titled)Album Review

Simple Plan (self titled)Album Review


Green Day :: The Easter Show 1992 – FULL PERFORMANCE

Green Day :: The Easter Show 1992 - FULL PERFORMANCE

(As of 5/10/2017) Audio had been unblocked. ENJOY!

(Also on Vimeo – )

SET LIST — The Easter Show 4:19:1992
00:00 – Intro
02:05 – Don’t Leave Me
05:45 – 2000 Light Years Away
08:35 – 409 In Your Coffeemaker
11:40 – At The Library
15:01 – Welcome To Paradise
19:40 – Christie Road
23:12 – Only Of You
26:30 – 80
30:25 – 16
34:17 – Paper Lanterns
38:51 – One Of My Lies
41:47 – Who Wrote Holden Caulfield?
45:31 – Road To Acceptance
50:28 – Knowledge
53:56 – Going To Pasalacqua

COMPLETE 15 SONG, 60 MINUTE performance by GREEN DAY.
Recorded live @ Raji’s in Hollywood, CA on 4/19/1992 – Easter Sunday.
Shot with three HI-8 cameras, audio mixed from camera source.
For more information contact direct or email


Simple Plan – Summer Paradise (Feat. Sean Paul)

Simple Plan - Summer Paradise (Feat. Sean Paul)

This is what you can call this year’s best summer track. Simple Plan has made it again and is back with another track wich have reached to the 10th most listened song on spotify, so here it is, enjoy!