25 Facts on Green Day

25 Facts on Green Day

25 Facts About Green Day – Please Like and Subscribe! Thanks guys


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This American punk rock band formed way back 1986 by vocalist and guitarist Billie Joe Armstrong and bassist Mike Dirnt. For much of their career, the band was a three piece with drummer Tré Cool. Tré Cool replaced their former drummer John Kiffmeyer in 1990 prior to the recording of the band’s second studio album. Here are 25 facts about Green Day.


Daft Punk Robot Style Hello in Laos Village

Daft Punk Robot Style Hello  in Laos Village

On our Laos MotorTrip Tour we decided to have a little laugh with the local teenagers with a Robot-like Daft Punk show.

They really enjoyed it and we all had a good time. Laos people are such nice people!!!!


Green Day Concert Live @ Houston Toyota Center 3/5/2017 Part 2

Green Day Concert Live @ Houston Toyota Center 3/5/2017 Part 2

2nd video
Green Day performing “Holiday” and “Letterbomb.”


Whatsername – Green Day (UN-OFFICIAL)

Whatsername - Green Day (UN-OFFICIAL)

Calidad audiovisual hasta tu pantalla!!

It’s not the real official video, but i think the story behind American Idiot has a lot to do with “the butterfly effect movie” which is an aweosme movie 😀
Hope you enjoy it.


Green Day (short clips compilation) (Live Apr 8, 2017 @ Valley View Casino Center in San Diego,CA)

Green Day (short clips compilation) (Live Apr 8, 2017 @ Valley View Casino Center in San Diego,CA)

This is the rest of the footage that I recorded from this concert. I decided to put them all into the same video because I didn’t record the full songs (I didn’t want to run out of space on my phone). The clips aren’t in order based on what order they were played in. Sorry for the poor video quality, I recorded these vertically with my phone and I cropped them to get rid of the black bars (also because the room is dark it causes the exposure to make the footage look more grainy than it normally should)

Next to each song title is which parts of the song are included in each clip
0:00 – Bang Bang (1st Chorus)
0:22 – Bang Bang (End of the song)
0:56 – Holiday (1st Verse & 1st Chorus)
1:47 – Long View (Intro & part of 1st Verse)
2:43 – Letterbomb (1st Verse , Pre-chorus & beginning of 1st Chorus)
3:40 – Letterbomb (Guitar Solo, Middle Eight, & Part of Chorus 2)
4:38 – Still Breathing (Intro, 1st Verse, Pre-chorus, & Half of 1st Chorus)
5:35 – When I Come Around (Half of 1st Verse, 1st Chorus, & Beginning of 2nd Verse)
6:33 – Basket Case (Part of 1st Verse, 1st Chorus, & 2nd Verse)
7:32 – Revolution Radio (1st Chorus, 2nd Verse, & Part of 2nd Chorus)
8:30 – Boulevard of Broken Dreams (Intro Speech, & 1st Verse)
9:29 – Holiday (3rd Chorus & End)
10:28 – Jesus of Suburbia ( 2nd Half of ‘Jesus of Suburbia’ & Part of ‘City of the Damned’)
12:58 – American Idiot (Intro, 1st Verse, & 1st Chorus)
14:15 – Forever Now (1st half of ‘I’m Freaking Out’)
15:14 – Forever Now (End of The song)


Green Day 2017

Green Day 2017

This was from when Green day visited Sweden, the 27 of january 2017 during their RevRad tour. Sorry again for the potato quality on the camera 😛
If you want to support Green day, you can either buy tickets when they come to a town near you or you can go to their website and order something: http://www.greenday.com/

Have a nice day 😀


Holiday – Green Day (aula de guitarra)

Holiday - Green Day (aula de guitarra)

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