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Digital Punk & MYST – Destined To Shine (Original Mix)

Digital Punk & MYST - Destined To Shine (Original Mix)

…:..::..::: .Channel Info. :::..::..:…

yo guys this channel about melodic, uplifting and euphoric and maybe some raw time to time. I will always try to upload in the best sound quality, Both the greatest to the latest from both non-signed and signed artists as well.

If u enjoy my videos and the music pleaase sub me Hardtune Uploaderz for more and the producers and label behind the track. Thanks from HardTune Uploaderz 😉

…:..::..::: .Contact Info. :::..::..:…
Set Notifications of New Uploads ON!
1. Go to my YouTube Channel “Hardtune Uploaderz”
2. Click on the Bell (near the Subscribe button)
3. Hit the box “Send me all messages for this channel”
4. Click on SAVE & you’re done!
➤ ➤Private, you can add
➤ ➤fan page

Snapchat sakomg
…:..::..::: .Artist Info. :::..::..:…
▼subscribe to: Digital Punk

▼subscribe to: MYST

▼subscribe to: Unleashed Records

…:..::..::: .Upload Info. :::..::..:…
Artist: Digital Punk & MYST
Title: Destined To Shine
Label: Unleashed Records
Date: 31.07.2017
Quality: 320 kbps MP3 / 44.100Hz / Stereo

…:..::..::: .Promote a track. :::..::..:…
step 1. contact me here on facebook
both private and fan site you can choose (private) (fan site)
you dont have facebook
you can contact me on gmail
or my other fan sites, u can find them under Contact Info

step 2. when u contact me and ask me if i can promote a track, i want some information like
free: please share with me the download link
buy: if its a buy please a link if you have
release date:
and a art if u want me to use one.

You do not need to be a pro to be uploaded on my channel, respecting all producers as one, i mean new or old does not matter. You all create something from your heart and that means everything to me and the listeners!!

Always remember you will get better and better for every track you make, i will always be here as a support and a Promoter!!!!

Hardtune Uploaderz ❤

…:..::..::: .my playlists. :::..::..:…
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…:..::..::: .My Partners :::..::..:…

Hardstyle Above All HRDAA

…:..::..::: .Legal Info. :::..::..:…

I’m doing this out of promoting only, I do not take advantage of any kind of advertising or any sponsorship, I’m doing this for free and of course for fun! I act as a great fan when it comes to Hardstyle, showing how great hardstyle is and show out to the world! All rights goes to the producers, labels and other involved people.

If you find some of my uploads inappropriate, please give me a private message

stay awesome from HardTune Uploaderz 😀


Project 46 – Moments (Arizon Remix)

Project 46 - Moments (Arizon Remix)

Project 46 – Moments (Arizon Remix)
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There is no copyright infringement intended for the song or picture. If you have an issue with me posting this song or picture please contact me through one of my social networks or YouTube private messaging system. Once I have received your message and determined you are the proper owner of this content I will have it removed, no drama at all. This channel is strictly for promotion towards the artists of the music. I try to help promote their music and their social networks.

Project 46 – Moments (Arizon Remix)
Project 46 – Moments (Arizon Remix)
Project 46 – Moments (Arizon Remix)


Green Day – Basket Case – Global Citizien Festival 2017 HD

Green Day - Basket Case - Global Citizien Festival 2017 HD

This is Green Day performing their song “Basket Case”, one of their classic from the 90s, which came out on “Dookie” in 1994, live at the Global Citizien Festival in New York City.

This show was a part of the Revolution Radio tour.


Simple Plan, I’d Do Anything, Live in Concert, Vans Warped Tour,July 2011, California

Simple Plan, I'd Do Anything, Live in Concert, Vans Warped Tour,July 2011, California

Simple Plan performs “I’d Do Anything” live in concert, July 2011, at the Vans Warped Tour at Shoreline Ampitheatre in Mt. View California.

This performance was part of the Vans Warped Tour 2011.


Simple Plan – Loser Of The Year (Lyrics)

Simple Plan - Loser Of The Year (Lyrics)

© 2011 WMG All Rights Reserved
Check now! “Loser Of The Year” by Simple Plan with Lyrics!

Find all the Simple Plan’s songs on Itunes:
Also available on Spotify:


FOLLOW: @SimplePlanSpace / @BrunoAlexander_


Simple Plan – Vacation [HD HQ + Lyrics]

Simple Plan - Vacation [HD HQ + Lyrics]


i know a girl whos obsessed with a guy
she talks for hours and still tomorrow
she’ll call again and when he thinks that this could be the end,
she calls again
at six in the morning she waits at the door
he tells her to leave but still tomorrow shell be there again
she wont let go

cant you just go somewhere on vacation?
i could book your flight
and pack your bags
if you want
a one way ticket out of my life
watching you fly away
i never liked you

she dosent care if he trys to ignore
he runs away but still she follows
shell try again
she likes to think shell get him in the end

cant you just go somewhere on vacation?
i could book your flight
and pack your bags
if you want
a one way ticket out of my life
watching you fly away
i never liked you
i never wanted you
i never liked you
i never wanted you, whoa

cant you just go somewhere on vacation?
i could book your flight
and pack your bags
if you want
a one way ticket out of my life
watching you fly away
i never liked you
i never wanted you
i never liked you
im not in love with you