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Blink-182 – The Rock Show – live @ Greenfield Festival 2017, Interlaken 10.06.17

Blink-182 live at the Greenfield Festival 2017 at the Airfield in Interlaken / Switzerland June 10th 2017 during their California Promotional Tour performing The Rock Show

Set list:

Feeling This
The Rock Show
Anthem Part Two
What’s My Age Again?
First Date
Bored to Death
Built This Pool
I Miss You
Reckless Abandon
She’s Out of Her Mind
Happy Holidays, You Bastard
Dysentery Gary
Los Angeles

All the Small Things


Go! – The Real Nelly Olson

The Real Nelly Olson vous amène aux sources du rock, du vrai ! Kler Chacal et ses compères naviguent entre hard, punk, rockab’, et même blues, s’inspirant du meilleur pour en restituer un mélange aux relents 70’s. La voix électrisante de la chanteuse laisse place à un déchainement de riffs frénétiques, appuyés par une rythmique imparable. The Real Nelly Olson prend toute son ampleur en live, dans un déchainement de bières et de sueur qui saura faire ressortir le Sweet Little Monster qui réside au fond de chacun !


RANCUNE – Freiheit mein Arsch

RANCUNE treads the line between 80s-inspired electronic sounds and new-wave songwriting. Influenced by garage rock, electronic body music and most things in between, these three French guys living in Berlin can’t choose between singing in their mother tongue, English or German. Playing with an assemblage of analog synthesizers, drum machines, plus an organ and a guitar amp, the three members take turns to sing songs of love, lust, grudge and culinary frustration.
Release in June 2016
Buy this single here:

Listen here:


We’re All Gonna Die – A Song

In which Hank Sings a Song! About Death!

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Pokémon D/P/Pt “Route 201” – Rock Cover || Christian Richardson

wow more pokemon whoa wow 😮 wow

Personal favourite part ▶ 1:22

I’m incredibly tired rn so I wob’t be typing too much here

it’s another pokemon cover! and you’re getting another one next week! weeeeeeeeee

this one was fun, I really like the song. I didn’t really add much, but I still like how it turned out 😛 tried some different mixing stuff too for this one to fit the punk style as opposed to the usual metal stuff I do

Song Info:

Composed By:
Hitomi Sato

Arranged, Produced, and Performed By:
Christian Richardson

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Stalk Me:




Lead guitar: G&L Asat Special
Rhythm guitar: Ibanez RG 827Z
Bass: Ibanez SR 305


Audio Interface: Line 6 Pod Studio UX1
Camera: Moto G 3

Software & Audio Plug-Ins:

DAW: Cockos’ Reaper
Tones: Positive Grid’s Bias Amp
Drums: Toontrack Superior Drummer 2
Mixing & Mastering: FabFilter Plugins & Izotope Ozone 5
Video Editing Software: Final Cut Pro


Vertigo Venus – “Everybody Down” – SYNTHPUNK

The official music video for “Everybody Down”.

Directed by Rip Wlliams and Vertigo Venus
Produced by Vertigo Venus

This Video was produced for eight pizzas,
with the generous help of our friends, and
Warehouse 508, in Albuquerque, NM.

It was shot in eight hours
on three Digital SLR Cameras – Two Canon 5D MK II, One Nikon D7000.

Edited by brian botkiller.

Director of Photography
Rip Williams –

Camera Operators
Rip Williams –
Jason Andrews –
Steve Groves –
Rielle Romdo –
Bradford Cole

Special Thanks to:

Warehouse 508 & Colleen Gorman –

Rip Williams,
Steve Groves, Jason Andrews,
Rielle Romdo, Brad Cole

Dave Lynch –

Guerrilla Photo Group

Copyright © 2010

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– For jamming, practicing, composing or whatever.

– If you want to use this loop for commercial purposes just credit my YouTube channel.

– Created with Guitar Pro, Cubase and EZDrummer.

– If you have any idea for drum loops please give me feedback and I’ll consider to do them for free.


Contact me:

– If you enjoyed it please SHARE, like and subscribe. Thanks!


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