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deathtoll. – tape 1; Alternative Rock (Archillect Pic Video)

deathtoll. - tape 1; Alternative Rock (Archillect Pic Video)


DISCLAIMER: All tracks are uploaded in a low quality for promotional purposes only, to respect label and artists. Each video contains all buy links of the most popular webstores when can you support and buy the tracks.

Pic —–

Only for promotional purposes


SpecialThanks / happy【Official MV】

SpecialThanks / happy【Official MV】

Director:丸山太郎 / Hair make:水舟勝己 / Graphics : PLANET LINK

SpecialThanks 3rd Album
KOGA-205 / CD 全12曲収録 / ¥2,400 + 税
1. singing
2. 午走-umahashiru-
3. happy
4. white lover
5 . we go
6. 心を震わせて
7. tokyoサンセット
8. summer drive & summer dive
9. reach you / 10. everyday
11. snow town ~雪の降る街に~
12. LIFE to go

【SpecialThanks Anthem release tour】
5/26(金) 下北沢CLUB 251
5/27(土) 碧南芸術文化ホール
6/02(金) 京都GROWLY
6/07(水) 広島4.14
6/08(木) 松山Double-u studio
6/10(土) 福岡Kieth Flack
6/11(日) 岡山PEPPER LAND
6/15(木) 仙台enn 2nd
6/16(金) HEAVEN’S ROCK 宇都宮
6/25(日) 静岡UMBER
7/08(土) 苫小牧ELL CUBE
7/11(火) 大阪Live House Pangea
7/12(水) 名古屋CLUB UPSET
7/14(金) 新宿LOFT (ワンマンライブ)

▼SpecialThanks Official Web


Nicolai Heidlas – Drive [Pop / Guitar / happy] royalty free music ♫ FMH promotion

Nicolai Heidlas - Drive [Pop / Guitar / happy] royalty free music ♫ FMH promotion

Download royalty free background music from different genres like Pop, House, Trap, Epic/Orchestra and more for videos.

Artist: Nicolai Heidlas
Song: Drive
Social links:

Download the song in this video here for free ►

“Free Music House” provide this tracks from new music artists to increase their popularity.

– All FMH songs are allowed to be used by any YouTube or Twitch user in their monetized content.
– Feel free to use it for your own Videos, safe from any copyright trouble !
If you use this music you must in the description of your video:
1. Include the artist and song name.
2. Credit the artist(s) of the track by including their
social network links.(On top of the description)
3. Include a link to the music on YouTube, if the song is a “FMH release”. You don´t need it if the song is a “FMH promotion”.

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blink-182 – Happy Holidays,You Bastard

blink-182 - Happy Holidays,You Bastard

blink-182 Happy Holidays,You Bastard
fourth track of the album “Take Off Your Pants And Jacket”
It’s christmas eve and I’ve only wrapped two fuckin’ presents
It`s christmas eve and I’ve only wrapped two fuckin’ presents
And I hate, hate, hate your guts,
I hate, hate, hate your guts,
And I’ll never talk to you again,
unless your dad will suck me off
I’ll never talk to you again
unless your mom will touch my cock
I’ll never talk to you again
ejaculate into a sock
I’ll never talk to you again,
I’ll never talk to you again
It’s Labor day and my grandpa just ate seven fuckin’ hot dogs
It`s Labor day and my grandpa just ate seven fuckin’ hot dogs
and he shit shit shits his pants.
He’s alway’s fuckin’ shittin his pants
And I’ll never talk to you again
unless your dad will suck me off
I’ll never talk to you again
unless your mom will touch my cock
I’ll never talk to you again
ejaculate into a sock
I’ll never talk to you again,
I’ll never talk to you again


Analogue Church Australia (Best) [ ]

Analogue Church Australia (Best) [  ]

Analogue Church striking back again! This time with some loud and banging “Thunder” that will make you jump. It’s perfect for large crowds and festivals because of its simple catchy melodies with heavy energetic bass lines. This is certainly why it will be one of the most played albums this summer and a crowd favorite.A group of young surfers from Australia and South Africa sacrificed everything and put it all on the line to create a sport, a culture, and an industry that is today worth billions of dollars and has captured the imagination of the world.

The Analogue Church sound that everyone recognizes is only getting bigger and better to compensate for the larger crowds they playing for with one thing in mind; making the crowd go crazy! or


#chill #electronic #deep house #party #love #rap #hip hop #happy #study #techno #indie rock #dubstep #r&b #relax #country #pop #edm #reggae #house #workout #soundtrack #reggaeton #piano #dance #remix #alternative #summer #instrumental #rock #morning #funk #classical #punk #electro #trap #club #acoustic #motivation #jazz #kpop #sad #trance #sleep #disco #latin #heavy metal #classic rock #soul #trip hop #minimal #indie pop #blues #running #metal #lounge #punk rock #mellow #indie folk #ambient #folk #bluegrass #mad #fully #sic #Analog #Analogue #Church #Natives




Purchase license and get full right to use this music with your videos and download high quality version here –

Fast and energetic uplifting indie rock with positive mood / feel. Overdrive guitars with bells and piano section, also with great melody and vocal harmony’s. Useful for successful corporate visuals.

Think teenager, party, west coast, indie / skater punk rock – great for projects demanding a carefree, youthful and exciting and uplifting sort of vibe.

2 versions included:

1) Main track with whistle 2:12 2) Alternative version without whistle 2:12


Top 10 Songs that Will Always Make You Smile

Top 10 Songs that Will Always Make You Smile

These songs will never fail to brighten up your day! Join as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Songs that Will Always Make You Smile! Subscribe►► Facebook►► Twitter►► Instagram►► Suggestion Tool►► Channel Page►►

For this list, we’ve looked at all music irrespective of genre or period, and collected the most infectiously happy songs out there!

Special thanks to our user WordToTheWes for submitting the idea on our Interactive Suggestion Tool at

Click here to check out the voting page,

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