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Green Day, Offspring, Macklemore & Linkin Park mashup -Busking in the streets of Dusseldorf, Germany

Medley with following songs:
– Green Day, Boulevard of broken dreams
– The Offspring, The kids aren’t right
– Macklemore, Can’t Hold Us
– Linkin Park, Numb

Les Boules de Feu is a “big band” from Reims, France (Fanfare Medicine de Reims)

I saw them “waking up” the streets of Dusseldorf in Germany, creating an amazing atmosphere!!


GREEN DAY TO RELEASE NEW SONG | B-Sides Music News | Brad LaPlante

Green Day will be releasing a new song! Let’s gear up for the release.

This Week In Music:
– Green Day to release new song – http://bit.ly/2axFlPh
– Lindsey Stirling releases “Something Wild” – http://bit.ly/2aRJqQi
– Brand New announces tour – http://bit.ly/2axXGtj
– Spotlight – Belmont – https://youtu.be/uCbPkY6cYFQ

New Albums:
– Moose Blood – “Blush”
– Skillet – “Unleashed”
– My Iron Lung – “Learn to Leave”

My Videos This Week:
– Monday – Dear Friends – https://youtu.be/95yjqWHo77A
– Wednesday – Shiny Penny Interview – https://youtu.be/E-SZDq2sATM

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Find Brad:
– Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/bradleyalanlaplante
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– Tumblr – http://bradlaplante.tumblr.com/
– Snapchat – itsbradlaplante
– Business Inquiries – bradlaplantemedia@gmail.com

Stay rad guys.


Green Day – Crowd singing along to Bohemian Rhapsody │ Revolution Radio Tour, Ljubljana 2017

Epic gig by the legendary Green Day on June 6th, 2017 @ Arena Stožice, Ljubljana, Slovenia │ © 2017 Luka Hojnik Photography │ Official Green Day website: http://www.greenday.com


Green Day Henry J Kaiser Arena Oakland 5-27-95

Green Day’s first time headlining in a big auditorium and this was a benefit where tickets were only $10, so naturally the place sold out!!


10 cosas que no sabías de Green Day l MrX

No busques más. Aquí te tenemos los datos y curiosidades más relevantes de la banda: Green Day.

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Let’s Draw The Awesome as Fuck Bunny (Green Day Logo) [HD]

Me drawing the Awesome as Fuck Bunny, the Logo from Green Day’s Life Album „Awesome as F***“!
It took me about 28 minutes.

If you like the video please leave a Like and let me know in the comments 🙂
Don’t forget to subscribe and check out my YouTube Channel for more Videos!

Wanna see more of my Drawings?
IG: http://instagram.com/rockmusicjunkie
Deviant Art: http://rockmusicjunkie.deviantart.com…
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Rockmu…

Character: Awesome as Fuck Bunny
Band: Green Day
Song: Jaded (Green Day, Album: Insomniac. I do not own the Song, all rights to the Band (Green Day) and Reprise Records!!!