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Green Day – Kerplunk (Full Album, HQ) [1992]

All rights belong to the band and their label

0:00 – 2000 Lights Years Away
2:24 – One of The Razorbacks
4:55 – Welcome to Paradise
8:25 – Christie Road
11:58 – Private Ale
14:25 – Dominated Love Slave
16:06 – One Of My Lies
18:25 – 80
22:05 – Android
25:06 – No one Knows
28:46 – Who Wrote Holden Caulfield
31:30 – Words I Might Have Ate
34:28 – Sweet Children
36:12 – Best Thing In Town
38:17 – Strangeland
40:28 – My Generation ( The Who Cover )
{ Tracklisting credits to lintang Aditya }


Green Day Videos (20) Tracks (120) Free concert tickets and more!

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Green Day – Know Your Enemy – London O2 Arena 8th February 2017

Green Day – Know Your Enemy – London O2 Arena 8th February 2017


eruption – one way ticket




Перевод был сделан специально для Green Day UA ( Green Day UA. Украинские новости о Green Day.


▶ Green Day Concert Prive 2009 (Full Concert)

Koncert s pesničkami z 21CB 🙂
Concert with songs from 21CB 🙂

All rights belong to Green Day.


Say Hello! Green Day | Ticketmaster

Green Day kommen mit ihrem neuen Album “Revolution Radio” live nach Mannheim, Berlin und Köln! Green Day Tickets könnt ihr euch bei Ticketmaster sichern:

18. Januar 2017: Mannheim, SAP Arena
19. Januar 2017: Berlin, Mercedes-Benz Arena
30. Januar 2017: Köln, LANXESS arena