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Green Day “Insomniac” Full album bass cover

If you like this cover, please give me thumbs up, thanks! 🙂
I am sorry for some mistakes..
Track list here:
00:00 – Armatage shanks
02:18 – Brat
04:00 – Stuck with me
06:19 – Geek stink breath
08:34 – No pride
10:53 – Bab’s uvula who?
13:02 – 86
15:51 – Panic song
19:25 – Suart and the avenue
21:30 – Brain stew
24:42 – Jaded
26:10 – Westbound sign
28:25 – Tightwad hill
30:26 – Walking contradiction

Thanks for watching! 😉


Green Day – Longview | Revolution Radio Tour | Los Angeles | 16th Sept 2017

Green Day – Live in Concert [The Revolution Radio Tour]
Song: Longview
Location: Rose Bowl Stadium, Pasadena, California
Date: 16th Sept., 2017


Green Day – Basket Case – Live @ Olympiahalle Munich 07.06.2017 – 4K

Green Day mit Basket Case, Live-Konzert in der Olympiahalle in München vom 07.06.2017 im Rahmen der Revolution Radio-Tour.


I Saw GREEN DAY In Concert! | April 2017 – A Vlog a Month

I post a vlog at the end of every month about what I did, who I saw, where I went, etc! Hope you enjoy 🙂

Here are my socials:
Twitter: thebiancajane
Instagram: biancaseaward
Snapchat: biancaseaward

People in this video:

Arthur King (the band playing)
(these guys are also from Foreign Architects so check them out they have some REALLY awesome music)

Ellen (Ya’ll know her by now)
Insta: watermellenchan

Insta: Jaydenbevo


Hello there! My name is Bianca and I upload a new video every week (well, I try). I make all kinds of videos and I’m only just getting started, so if you like what you see please click that subscribe button! Thank you!


Green Day Forever Now (Pinkpop 2017) Bonus Video

Credits to Wouter – Live at Pinkpop Festival 2017


Green Day Performs “Bang Bang”

Green Day Performs “Bang Bang”

Garth Brooks Helps Jimmy Kimmel Write a Country Song

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Edith Bowman Interviews Green Day!

The band swung by the Virgin Radio studios for a chat with our Breakfast presenter!



Green Day: Coming To A City Near You!

© 2012 WMG Green Day will be touring the world in 2012/2013 in support of ¡Uno!, ¡Dos! & ¡Tre!. Get tour dates and more at Get ¡Uno! at and the new album ¡Tre! at now!