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St. Patrick’s Day Craft Ideas for Primary School Children : Educational Crafts for Kids

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St. Patrick’s Day craft ideas for primary school involve common tools like a pair of scissors and some glue. Do St. Patrick’s Day crafts for primary school with help from an artist and educator in this free video clip.

Expert: Samantha Kelly
Filmmaker: Victor Varnado

Series Description: Educational crafts for kids are a great way to instill an important lesson and allow the little ones to have a little fun while you do it. Get tips on educational crafts for kids with help from an artist and educator in this free video series.


Green Day Encore American Idiot live at Rose Bowl Pasadena Ca 2017

Green Day Encore American Idiot live at Rose Bowl Pasadena Ca 9/16/17


My green day concert experience/ Haley ??

On March 10th in 2017 I saw green day for the first time . My heros on stage enjoy my footage and journey
@happy_hippy_haley on Instagram


Green Day: Paint Factory 1989 [Full Concert Uncut]

Recorded live at at Paint Factory, Tampa, Florida, USA, February 11, 1989.

1. Intro (Rest)
2. Don’t Leave Me
3. At The Library
4. Paper Lanterns
5. Disappearing Boy
6. I Was There
7. 16
8. Only Of You
9. Going To Pasalacqua
10. Knowledge (Operation Ivy Cover)
11. Road To Acceptance
12. 1,000 Hours


Green Day Creates A Band On Stage by nicXetXsan

Drummer, Bass Player & Guitar Player !
So … Who Plays Guitar ? xD
Hope you like it 😉


American Idiot – Green Day – Drum Cover – Fede Rabaquino





This is the second video of my Indoor Drum Cover Series.
If you go to my first Drum Series you´ll find that I´ve already recorded a “Green Day” song “Basket Case” and it was sooooo well received by you that I decided to cover another tune from this incredible band, btw I loooooove this band!!!!!
I remember that I asked on facebook which song from the “American Idiot” album would you prefer me to cover and most of the people that answer my question asked for this one so that´s another reason why I picked this track.
I will always try to listen to your suggestions. YOU ROCK!!!!

I wouldn´t have made this Drum Series without the help, love and dedication of these people, I LOVE YOU ALL!!!

Alvaro Rabaquino, Fefi Donner, Fefota Barreneche, Rulo Cruce, Javi Callejon, Juan Branaa, Ale Mennel, Carlinha Matonti, Nati Ferrero, Nacho Ferrero, Martin Brizolara, Erika Poses, Biru Capurro, Nacho Varela, Vale Quagliotti, Gaston Ojero, Juan Maruri, my sister Vane and my parents Alvaro and Adriana.

Special THANKS to Hugo Segovia and Yves Mahé at the “Alliance Francaise” for borrowing the amazing theatre where I recorded this series!

INDOOR DRUM SERIES directed, edited and mixed by Fede Rabaquino

CAMERAS AND DOLLY by Alvaro Rabaquino
AUDIO RECORDING by Alvaro Rabaquino

VIDEO INTRO directed by Javi Callejon

INTRO LOCATION by Rulo Cruce at Packman Films

Thank you guys for taking the time to watch my videos. It means a lot to me!!!
I really appreciate all your support, emails, comments, suggestions and respect!!!
PLEASE SUBSCRIBE to my channel!!!

Green Day – “American Idiot” from the 2004 release “American Idiot”
Copyrighted property of its owner(s)


Earphones & Headphones:
MEElectronics |


Green Day – ‘Boulevard of Broken Dreams’ live @ Toronto 2017

Green Day – ‘Boulevard of Broken Dreams’ live @ Toronto 2017