Green Carnation – Light of Day, Day of Darkness

Green Carnation – Light of Day, Day of Darkness
Year: 2001
Genre: Progressive/Avant-Garde Metal


Green Day News: Green Day Releases New Song Revolution Radio

Listen to the song preview here

This morning on the New Zealand iTunes Store, Green Day’s song “Revolution Radio” was released and is now available for purchase and download.

The song clocks in at 3 minutes in length and is very guitar driven. We have added the lyrics to the song to our music section here. Check out a short preview of the song below:

/ 0:34

Billie Joe has described the song as:

“I was just watching this controlled chaos, and it was going and happening all over the country. I was feeling that people don’t want to feel obsolete in the things that we care about. That’s sort of what the song is about.”

It looks like the release is slowly making its way around the world, starting in the eastern-most part as it is beginning to be Friday there. As your timezone gets closer to Friday, keep checking the iTunes Store or Spotify to see if the song is available for you. If you’ve pre-ordered the album on iTunes, it will notify you when the song is available for download.

For those in the US and Canada, the song should hit the iTunes Store, Spotify, and other services around midnight eastern. If you have yet to pre-order the album, you can do so on iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play.

Let us know when you’ve heard it and tell us what you think!



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10 Day Green Smoothie Cleanse |5-day Prep

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Green Day 2017

This is my vlog from Green Day’s Revolution Radio Tour! This was my first ever gig and I am so grateful that it was my favourite band ever! They were absolutely incredible and I will forever cherish that night. Thank you to my incredible family for taking me and making every moment so amazing. I highly encourage anyone to see Green Day live because they were just brilliant! Spread the Green Day love haha x

Comment down below who you saw for your first gig!

I hope you all enjoyed, thanks for watching! Xx


Green Day – Special Interview

Billie Joe from Green Day Special Interview

New Album “Revolution Radio” available now!!


Green Day new album 2016 (crack vid)

I’m just really excited for the new music coming out!!


Green Day- New Song “Song of Sorrow”

A brand bew leaked green day song off there upcoming 2010 album.


Green Day – Time Of Your Life (Punk Rock)

Green Day – Time Of Your Life (Punk Rock)



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