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Easy DIY Patches!

supplies ~
fabric paint marker – michael’s $4 – $5
fabric – joann’s $4.99/yard

☽ links ☾
twitter : nofunlex
instagram : nofunlex
snapchat : stillydgn
depop : alexaissarcastic

✧ shows i’ll be at ✧
3/10 – green day & against me!

♡ thanks for watching!! ♡


Green Day – Maria [LP version // Alternate version]

7″ on pink vinyl


Green Day live at Tony Awards HD 1080p

green day with the cast of american idiot performes holiday and know your enemy live at Tony Awards2010



GREEN DAY’s Billie Joe Armstrong’s son leads: EMILYS ARMY, punk/pop band & they Rock INDIEPOWER!

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