Green Day – Basket Case (Overplayed Drum Cover) – Kye Smith [4K]

Basket Case by Green Day is one of my favourite songs of all time and in my opinion it is pretty much as close to a perfect song as you can get. I still love it just as much as I did when I first heard it close to 15 years ago and with my short attention span there aren’t many songs that don’t fall under the ’skippable’ category after that amount of time. I came across a drumless version of the song a while ago on YouTube and while I knew it would be almost blasphemy to toy with something so perfectly executed, I wanted to try something different, treat it as a blank canvas and have a go at rewriting the drums. Obviously there was only one direction this could go, but I figured if I was going to screw it up I might as well go all in and totally overplay it as well, so here we are, Basket Case at double time.

Thanks to Michael ‘Feffy’ Ferfoglia for ripping a solo!

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External drums performed and recorded by Kye Smith
Video edited by Kye Smith
Guitar Solo: Michael Ferfoglia
Audio Mix: Michael Ferfoglia


Green Day Espionage Guitar Tab Preview

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Boulevard of Broken Dreams – Green Day live @ Unipol Arena

dal concerto del 13 gennaio 2017 alla Unipol Arena di Bologna
European tour 2017


Green Day – “Wake Me Up When September Ends” and “Good Riddance” (Live in San Diego 9-13-17)

Green Day performing Wake Me Up When September Ends acoustic and Good Riddance (Time of Your Life) live from the Revolution Radio tour at Mattress Firm Amphitheater in Chula Vista, CA on September 13, 2017. This was shot with a Sony Cyber-shot HX50V.
You’ll have to forgive the poor camerawork, it’s very difficult to hold the camera perfectly still while zoomed in that far.

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Green Day – Revolution Radio Tour 2017 |

Here is a quick video I did to test out premiere pro! I attended the Revolution Radio Green Day tour on August 5, 2017. I’ve been a green day fan since American Idiot era and this was my first concert! Though I wished I could’ve recorded all 2 hrs worth of the concert, here are the clips I managed to get when I wasn’t being smashed by everyone in GA or singing along! Also, sorry for screaming!

Disclaimer: I wasn’t the one singing during 21 guns or Good Riddance LOL!

All music, songs, etc. belong to Green Day and their team!

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Greenday Nz Tour 2017 Vector Arena Bastketcase/She

New Zealand May 14 2017 Nz Tour Vectorarena


American Idiot Cast performing “Good Riddance” on the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

The American Idiot musical cast performing “Good Riddance” LIVE on the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade on NBC


Terrible Green day & Blink 182 Band Covers

A little compilation I made of some pretty terrible cover bands I found, around the internet. If you want more just comment, my next video will be worst Nirvana cover bands.
I take no credit for any of these videos or songs or whatever, dont arrest me.
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Green Day – Paranoid (Black Sabbath cover, Birmingham LG Arena 27th Oct 2009)

Green Day paying Paranoid (by Black Sabbath) at the LG (NEC) Arena in Birmingham, England on the 27th October 2009. Upload requested by a guy in the comments for JOS… here you go!