Courtside tickets to Game 7 sell for $99K !!! Why The NBA would rig games EXPOSED!

In this video I share more evidence that indicates that the NBA would be interested in rigging games for money and ratings. Game 7 tickets for court side seating have sold for over 99 000$ !!!

Stephen Curry’s wife accuses NBA of being ‘rigged for money or ratings !! NBA EXPOSED !!!

Stephen Curry’s wife retracts accusations that NBA being ‘rigged for money and ratings

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Illuminati NFL

NFL & Game Fixing – An Unauthorized History of The NFL – VERY RARE & Corporate Buried 19

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Green Day, “Bang Bang” / “Revolution Radio” in Lima – Perú (Live HD). Revolution Radio Tour 2017

Green Day performing “Bang Bang” / “Revolution Radio” at Estadio San Marcos, Lima – Perú (Live HD). Revolution Radio Tour (November 14, 2017 )


Green Day 21 Guns/Time Of Your Life Hollywood Amphitheater St Louis MO 8/14/17


Green Day – Know Your Enemy – Chicago Wrigley Field 8.24.2017

Green Day – Know Your Enemy – Chicago Wrigley Field 8.24.2017
Opening song from the Revolution Radio tour. Billie Joe brings out someone from the audience to sing (3:17), awkward hug, and then stage dive (4:20).


Greenday Nz Tour 2017 Vector Arena Bastketcase/She

New Zealand May 14 2017 Nz Tour Vectorarena


Green Day Hyde Park Highlights 2017 ( Fan Made )

I was bored so made this haha


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If you’ve been struggling to lose weight, and your sick of doing all of the gimmicky/hoaxy things like “shakes”, “challenges”,”fixes”, “tiny tupperware diets”, etc. and you want to create a plan SPECIFICALLY FOR YOURSELF – This book is a GREAT place to do it.

This book encourages making a lifestyle change, it’s not a “diet”. This is NOT a get skinny quick program or anything like that. It’s about making sustainable progress in a sustainable way.

And of course, the worst part about dieting is the finality of it – the dreaded weight you gain back when it’s over. This book will give you CLEAR INSTRUCTIONS how to make that transition in a way that will allow you to limit the weight you gain back, but also shows how you can eat MORE FOOD during that transition.

It’s also NOT ABOUT FOOD RESTRICTION. Yes, you have to limit your portions, but if you want to eat cookies, pizza, cake, brownies etc. you CAN DO SO! And I explain this more in-depth in the book.

If you purchased the E-book THANK YOU SO MUCH. I look forward to seeing everyone’s progress in the Facebook Group/Community that I created for the book.


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