Green Day’s Billie Joe Freaks Out Blasts Justin Bieber And Smashes Guitar (iHeartRadio Festival)

(Contains Strong Language)
Billie Joe Armstrong defended Green Day at the iHeart Radio Music Festival as he felt he and the band were disrespected.

The band’s set was cut about 20 minutes so Usher could have more time on stage. Pissed and offended, Billie freaks out swearing followed by smashing his guitar.

Billie Joe Armstrong has checked rehab just two days after throwing an anti-Justin Bieber tirade at at Las Vegas concert.
The Green Day front man is “seeking treatment for substance abuse,” the band said in a statement released Sunday.
iHeartRadio Festival Meltdown.

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U2 (Feat. Green Day) – The Saints are Coming

U2 (Feat. Green Day) – The Saints are Coming (From the Album “U218 Singles)


Are Green Day Sell outs?

Music credits to Pinhead Gunpowder Also Green Day for the song On The Wagon.


Green Day – We Are The Champions – Live at Reading Festival 2004

Green Day – We Are The Champions Live – Reading
Here’s a link to download it as a MP3

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“American Idiot” Green Day@BBT Pavilion Camden, NJ 8/31/17

American Idiot, Green Day, BBT Pavilion, Camden, New Jersey; August 31st, 2017; Revolution Radio Tour, (Philadelphia Area)


Green Day – American Idiot – Drum Cover

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Green Day @ Japan (HD) – Static Age (Awesome As F**k)

(From Green Day album “Awesome As F**k”)
Recorded Live at The Saitama Super Arena, Tokyo, Japan, January 2010.


Green Day ¡Uno! Album Commercial

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Green Day are back with a trilogy of albums! First up, ¡Uno!

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¡Dos! coming 13th November 2012
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