Green Day’s American Idiot TV Commercial

Green Day's American Idiot TV Commercial

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TV commercial for the broadway musical Green Day’s American Idiot coming to the North Charleston Perforoming Arts Center August 29 & 30, 2012. Tickets are on sale now!


My Top 10 best songs [Linkin Park / Green Day / Nickelback]

My Top 10 best songs  [Linkin Park / Green Day / Nickelback]

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10. 00:00 Nickelback – Savin’me
09. 03:44 Linkin Park – Lost in the Echo (Killsonik remix)
08. 08:30 Linkin Park – Lying From You
07. 11:26 Linkin Park – In the End
06. 15:00 Green Day – Wake me up when September ends
05. 19:50 Linkin Park – New Divide
04. 24:18 Linkin Park – What i’ve done
03. 27:44 Nickelback – If today was your last day
02. 31:52 Linkin Park – Figure.09
01. 35:10 Linkin Park – Numb


Green Day’s American Idiot UK Cast Interview | Funny On Stage Mishaps – Auditions | Rebellious Noise

Green Day's American Idiot UK Cast Interview | Funny On Stage Mishaps - Auditions | Rebellious Noise

Scott from Rebellious Noise chats to the cast of Green Day’s American Idiot UK. The cast talk about some of their favourite on stage mishaps, Green Day’s influence on their lives and who else they would like to see in the cast. Plus much more topics and plenty of laughs.

This interview was recorded in London in October 2015.

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Green Day(Full Stoned Interview)Much Music”1995

Green Day(Full Stoned Interview)Much Music''1995

Green Day interview August 10th, 1995 with Much Music. They talk about life after Dookie, songwriting the disappointments of the music industry scene,the guys talk about boner fights, their sensitive side, connecting with their fans, machoness and Jello Biafra.The band aslo discuss about making money, what they think of performing at woodstock, what the song J.A.R is about and taking advantage of life. Yes, this is the video where Billie farts.Green Day talk about ticket prices, their injuries, personal hygiene, their beliefs in UFOs, stage fight. “The right side called the left side.. dumb” And they talk about speed, speed and more speed.


Green Day – Know Your Enemy – Fiddlers Green – Denver – 8-9-2017

Green Day - Know Your Enemy - Fiddlers Green - Denver - 8-9-2017

Who: Green Day
What: Know Your Enemy
CD: 21st Century Breakdown
Venue: Fiddler’s Green
Where: Denver, Colorado
When: August 9, 2017


Stay Together For The Novocaine – Blink-182 & Green Day Mashup

Stay Together For The Novocaine - Blink-182 & Green Day Mashup

“Stay Together For The Kids” & “Give Me Novocaine”

I was thinking about naming it “Give Me Novocaine For The Kids,” but I figured that “for the kids” was more vague than “stay together for the” when it comes to knowing which song is being mashed up.


Green Day – Edgefest, Vancouver 1998 (Full Concert)

Green Day - Edgefest, Vancouver 1998 (Full Concert)

This video has been mirrored (flipped) to avoid copyright, the original was muted for it then taken down by the user (which was about the time I uploaded this version)

Big thanks to TheBlueBlade (go check out his channel) for providing time stamps for all of us!
00:00 – Nice Guys Finish Last
03:17 – Hitchin A Ride
07:58 – Geek Stink Breath
10:15 – Welcome To Paradise
13:55 – Longview
18:19 – Brain Stew
22:27 – Jaded
23:54 – Knowledge
30:34 – Basket Case
33:32 – King For A Day
38:34 – When I Come Around
48:20 – Time Of Your Life

Haven’t check on this video since it was posted basically

UPDATE 12/23/15: Thanks for all the views guys 8K holly s**t never thought the video would get this popular, when I first uploaded this I believe the original was still up, so when it got muted and the user finally deleted it everyone turned to my video. Which is wasn’t planned but hey I’m not complaining. Keep up the views, comments, and likes.. Happy Holidays to you all


American Idiot Guitar Lesson – Green Day

American Idiot Guitar Lesson - Green Day

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When Green Day released “American Idiot” in 2004, it quickly became the highest charting single of their career and propelled the band into another wave of mainstream success.

From a guitarist’s perspective, it is full of extremely aggressive right hand rhythm strumming and fast shifting power chords. It is pop punk at it’s finest and probably Green Day’s greatest moment both musically and socially.

In this American Idiot guitar lesson I will demonstrate how to play all of those riffs as well as the well crafted guitar solo in it’s entirety.

I spend a lit bit of time at the beginning of the video lesson demonstrating how you should try to tackle the strumming of the power chords. It is all about keeping a nice 8th note (down/up) rhythm going constantly in the right hand. Within that strumming pattern some of the chords will be accented, so it is a good idea to get the sound of the rhythm in your ear first before attempting to play along with the original recording. Being able to internalize music like that is the number one method for learning any music on any instrument.

The main riff and verse are very similar and will be the most challenging riffs to perform since the left hand has to shift so quickly between power chords. The chorus is pretty much a walk in the park compared to those two riffs.

I will then take an in-depth look at the guitar solo. This solo contains some very fast octave shapes the move around the fretboard quite a bit. The main thing to focus on with the octaves, besides the aggressive right hand rhythms of course, is the proper muting of the strings around the octave notes. The proper muting of octaves is essential for them to sound correct. I will demonstrate how to do this muting in the video lesson.

This solo also contains a quick little pedal tone lick that requires a decent stretch on the guitar. Try to get the pattern down with this part first and then slowly work it up to speed. Also, proper placement of the thumb behind the neck will help you perform that stretch with more ease. If you are having problems reaching the high notes during this lick, lower your thumb a little bit behind the neck and it will probably get much easier.

Have Fun!