GREEN DAY – MEN Arena Manchester UK 31.10.2009 – Jesus Of Suburbia – Live HD

M.E.N Arena, Manchester, UK
“Jesus of suburbia”

Camcorder: Canon Vixia HG21


Heart Like a Hand Grenade – Green Day (full) [english and spanish subtitles]


8 year old Liam plays guitar with Billie Joe at greenday concert in indianapolis

8 year old Liam was picked from the crowd of a Green Day concert at the Klipsh Amphitheater in Indianapolis Indiana. Billy Joe Armstrong of Green Day then invited him up stage and played the Green Day song “Knowledge” on guitar with him the a gave the signed guitar to him.
Songs owned and copyrighted by revision records/Green Day


Green Day – Revolution Radio [Full Album]

Somewhere Now – 0:00 Bang Bang – 4:08 Revolution Radio – 7:35 Say Goodbye – 10:36 Outlaws – 14:15 Bouncing Off the Wall – 19:17 Still Breathing – 21:57 …


Green Day – Kerplunk (Full Album, HQ) [1992]

All rights belong to the band and their label

0:00 – 2000 Lights Years Away
2:24 – One of The Razorbacks
4:55 – Welcome to Paradise
8:25 – Christie Road
11:58 – Private Ale
14:25 – Dominated Love Slave
16:06 – One Of My Lies
18:25 – 80
22:05 – Android
25:06 – No one Knows
28:46 – Who Wrote Holden Caulfield
31:30 – Words I Might Have Ate
34:28 – Sweet Children
36:12 – Best Thing In Town
38:17 – Strangeland
40:28 – My Generation ( The Who Cover )
{ Tracklisting credits to lintang Aditya }


Green Day – Scattered – [HQ]

Title: Scattered
Album: nimrod.


I’ve got some scattered pictures lying on my bedroom floor.
Reminds me of the times we shared.
Makes me wish that you were here.
‘Cause now it seems I’ve forgotten my purpose in this life.
All the songs have been erased.
Guess I’ve learned from my mistakes.

Open the past and present.
Now and we are there.
Story to tell and I am listening.
Open the past and present.
And the future too.
It’s all I’ve got and I’m giving it up to you.

Loose ends tied in knots.
Leaving a lump down in my throat.
Gagging on a souvenir.
Lodged to fill another year.
Drag it on and on until my skin is ripped to shreds.
Leaving myself open wide.
Living out a sacrifice.

If you got no one and I’ve got no place to go, would it be alright?
Could it be alright?


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Boulevard of Broken Dreams – Green Day (Revolution Radio Tour) – Melbourne, 06/05/2017

‘Boulevard of Broken Dreams’ live at Rod Laver Arena (Melbourne, Australia) – 6th of May 2017



Green Day in Green Bay Wisconsin @Resch March 2017. Revolution radio tour doing Jesus Of Suburbia