Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong just called Trump Hitler – Louder News

Green Day Frontman, Billie Joe Armstrong, said in an interview with Kerrang magazine that he feels bad for Trump’s followers as they’re mostly poor working class people who don’t know what to feel and are easily manipulated by their anger. He also went on to compare him to Hitler. Watch more on Louder News!

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Danny Young – American Idiot Drummer (stage tour)

Here is a quick look at band and drum set-up on stage for the national tour of Green Day’s ‘American Idiot’. I’ve also included a little sneak peek from our sound check in Dayton. ENJOY!


Troubled Times (Official Music Video?) – Green Day

Director: Greg Schneider.


Green Day Concert (Mannheim) 2017

Wir waren in Mannheim auf dem Green Day Konzert und haben dazu einen kleinen Vlog gemacht c:
Es war echt ein unvergesslicher Tag! Ich meine ich habe nach 6 Jahren meine Lieblingsband wiedergesehen… kommt mir noch immer wie ein Traum vor~

Kanal der super sweeten Bones Buddy:


Green Day Concert Duluth Georgia March 10th 2017

I went to see Green Day on March 10 of this year and got floor tickets. The about 250 dollars was well worth the money spent. I got to see Billie Mike Trè Jason and the others up close. ❤ Green Day


“American Idiot” Green Day@BBT Pavilion Camden, NJ 8/31/17

American Idiot, Green Day, BBT Pavilion, Camden, New Jersey; August 31st, 2017; Revolution Radio Tour, (Philadelphia Area)


Green Day@Lucca Summer Festival 14/06/17 – Luca suona con i Green Day e Billie regala la chitarra!

Eccomi qua, quando i sogni si avverano!!! Non ho parole, emozioni incredibili che resteranno per sempre con me. Ringrazio tantissimo Billie, Mike e Tré e tutto lo Staff, i miei genitori, mio fratello, e tutto il pubblico intorno a me!



Green Day – Live Without Warning 2000 (full show)

at Auburn Valley Drive-In “6” Theatre, Seattle, WA, USA, 10.10.2000

Church on Sunday
Hitchin’ a Ride
Geek Stink Breath
Welcome to Paradise
Dancing With Myself
Blitzkrieg Bop
Basket Case
When I Come Around
Going to Pasalacqua


Green Day – Insomniac [E Standard Tuning] (Full Album)

This is how Insomniac would’ve sounded like if Green Day tuned their guitar to E standard. Billie does sound weird. Enjoy!

0:00 Armatage Shanks
2:17 Brat
4:00 Stuck With Me
6:16 Geek Stink Breath
8:31 No Pride (Tuned to F standard because I thought it was tuned to Eb originally. So… ignore it. Haha)
10:51 Bab’s Uvula Who?
13:00 86
15:48 Panic Song
19:23 Stuart and the Avenue
21:26 Brain Stew
24:39 Jaded
26:10 Westbound Sign
28:24 Tightwad Hill
30:25 Walking Contradiction