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Green Day – “Holiday” live @ UNIPOL ARENA – BOLOGNA – GENNAIO 2017

Green Day performing live @ Unipol Arena Bologna – 13 Gennaio 2017
Prossimo concerto: Forum Assago Milano 14/01/2017
Know Your Enemy
Bang Bang
Revolution Radio
Boulevard of Broken Dreams
Hitchin’ a Ride
When I Come Around
Christie Road
Are We the Waiting
St. Jimmy
Basket Case
King for a Day
Shout / (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction / Hey Jude
Still Breathing
Forever Now
American Idiot
Jesus of Suburbia
Encore 2:
Ordinary World
Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)


Green Day – Holiday – Darien Lake PAC – Corfu, NY – August 26, 2017

Green Day performs Holiday at Darien Lake PAC in Corfu, New York on August 26, 2017 during their Revolution Radio tour.


Green Day – Wake Me Up When September Ends [Live @ KROQ Almost Acoustic 2004]

Green Day playing Wake Me Up When September Ends Live at KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas 12th Dec 2004


Green Day – Ordinary World + Time Of Your Life Live Montreal 2017-03-22

Green Day – Ordinary World + Time Of Your Life Live Montreal 2017-03-22


Green Day-Bang Bang (Amazing Song) Lyrics

I dont own the song.
Amazing song from Green Day.