How to Sing Like: Green Day (Billie Joe Armstrong)

Vocal techniques to sing like Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day; an exploration 🙂

I haven’t checked this vid in awhile, but the comments were getting a little crazy.. so just so everyone knows, this video is for FUN. Don’t take yourselves so seriously 🙂




Green Day: Revolution Radio CD Unboxing

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Green Day and U2 — The Saints Are Coming [HD]

Green Day and U2 perform Wake Me Up When September Ends, The Saints Are Coming, and Beautiful Day at the Louisiana Superdome.

The ONLY high-quality version on YouTube. Enjoy!


Green Day intro – BST Festival, London, July 1, 2017

Sorry for the shaking, arm was hurting lol

Apologies for removing the song Blitzkrieg Bop from the start – there was a copyright infrigement automatically added by the fat cats controlling what and who we listen.


Green Day – Letterbomb (Manchester Arena, UK – 6th February 2017)

Cameras ;-
GoPro Hero 5 – 4K @ 30fps

Green Day Coming Onto Stage –

Girl Plays Guitar & Keeps It –

Girl On Stage For Know Your Enemy –

Ordinary World + Good Riddance –

Letterbomb –

Basket Case –

Bang Bang (wall of death) –

She –

St. Jimmy –

Minority Solo + End of Minority –

King For A Day –

Jesus Of Suburbia –

Forever Now –


Green Day Rock Band behind-the-scenes

Here is some behind-the-scenes with green day them self and some of the staff at Rock Band (??). I like Rock Band and Guitar Hero and green day but I just don’t think I’m going to like this
game as the series is getting very repetitive now and they need to change it up a bit.
No copyright infringements intended. I do no own this.


Green Day- 924 Gilman, Berkeley Ca. 5/17/15 Multicam Canon HFG Pro Cameras

Some folks might like this one. Thanks to everyone for making it happen- Corbett for helping me get into the show, Dan for shooting the stage camera, Jason for the audio mix (man it sounded good in there), and Agelos for editing it all together.
I FINALLY GOT THE OK to post this!!

Filmed by me (Shayne) with 1 Canon HFG30 on a monopod, 1 Canon HFG10 mounted to the ladder, and dan holding an HFG10. Audio via Sony PCM-M10 & DPA4061 mics.

Note to aggregators: Please don’t ask for my footage. Feel free to link to my site, but I hold you in the same regard as the guys who sold VHS tapes at record shows in the 80s/90s… making profit off of others’ work. So, please, if you are aggregator, don’t even try.

My channel is non-monetized so all funds go to the artists.