Matt’s reaction to getting Green Day tickets

Matt finds out that we are taking him to a green day concert


Green Day pulls me onstage to play bass for 12,000 people

See the full 15 minute video here:

**In the full video, there are 2 guitar players who REALLY mess up, and Billie Joe gives a guitar away. Crazy…

October, 2005, Live in Albuquerque, NM. Green Day likes to pick people from the crowd to play their instruments for this Operation Ivy cover, Knowledge. I lucked out because I managed to get Mike’s attention.

After 2 failed attempts to find a capable guitar player, they picked my guitar-player friend, Joel, who I briefly played music with years before. This experience reunited us and led to the formation of the band we play in today called Flood The Sun:


They picked two people before the guitarist you see in the video. The first one was a girl, but she couldn’t play the guitar well enough, neither could the second kid. Billie Joe sent her to the side of the stage and later gave the guitar to her saying, “This is for you. Now practice, Dammit!”.

I had to edit the video down because it was too long for youtube back in when I first uploaded it. The drummer and I were on stage 10-15 minutes.


See the full 15 minute video here:


Green Day – American Idiot lyrics [1080p]

Green Day – American Idiot lyrics video. Made by me. I do not claim ownership of this song.

Recommend you watch on 720p. 1080p is a little too HQ


Green Day LIVE, Full Concert Highlights, May 2017

Green Day performed at the Adelaide Entertainment Centre 3rd May 2017.


Green Day – On The Radio (Bootleg) [2011]

© 2011 Smokin’

Recorded live in New Jersey, May 28th 1992 (WFMU FM Radio)

One of the best Green Day bootlegs. First released in 1992 on a cd called Radio Daze. It was then re-released with some shitty sounding Woodstock ’94 recordings released in 2007 called Transmissions. On The Radio is on iTunes in some countries, but who cares if you can buy the cd, or better yet, vinyl

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Green Day – Revolution Radio [FULL ALBUM, HQ]

I do not own any of these tracks. All rights belong to Green Day.

1. Somewhere Now – 0:00
2. Bang Bang – 4:08
3. Revolution Radio – 7:35
4. Say Goodbye – 10:36
5. Outlaws – 14:15
6. Bouncing Off the Wall – 19:17
7. Still Breathing – 21:57
8. Youngblood – 25:42
9. Too Dumb to Die – 28:15
10. Troubled Times – 31:39
11. Forever Now – 34:44
12. Ordinary World – 41:36