Green Carnation – Light of Day, Day of Darkness

Green Carnation – Light of Day, Day of Darkness
Year: 2001
Genre: Progressive/Avant-Garde Metal


Metallica: Ride the Lightning (Live at the Day on the Green – 1985)

Recorded Live at Day On The Green at Oakland Stadium, Oakland, CA on August 31st, 1985

From the Deluxe Edition of Ride the Lightning available on April 15, 2016.


Are Green Day Sell outs?

Music credits to Pinhead Gunpowder Also Green Day for the song On The Wagon.


Dookie 20th Anniversary — Green Day (Full Album Drum Cover)

This is to honor the album that made me a drummer in the first place. Basically it’s my origin story.. An all time favorite album by my all time favorite band. Happy 20 years Dookie!!
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**Track Listing**
00:13 Burnout
2:20 Having A Blast
5:04 Chump
8:00 Longview
11:58 Welcome To Paradise
15:43 Pulling Teeth
18:13 Basket Case
21:17 She
23:32 Sassafras Roots
26:10 When I Come Around
29:08 Coming Clean
30:42 Emenius Sleepus
32:26 In The End
34:12 F.O.D.

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2004-2005 Green Day gigs… Were you there too!?

Green Day compilation from old cameras, camera phones and blu-tooth transfers. I know… the videos are not THAT good. Here we have Reading Festival, Brixton Academy, TRL UK, BBC/TOTP and Milton Keynes…

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I’m actually really scared about what happened to my camera but don’t worry it’s perfectly fine lol. I will be hopefully be uploading for the next few days of the trip!



Days Of The New [1999] [“Green Album”] (Full Album + B Sides)

This is the second album of post-grunge/acoustic rock band, Days of the New; released on August 31, 1999.

Track Listing:
00:00:00 – Flight Response
00:05:54 – The Real
00:10:13 – Enemy
00:15:25 – Weapon & the Wound
00:21:10 – Skeleton Key
00:24:13 – Take Me Back Then
00:28:30 – Bring Yourself
00:34:24 – I Think
00:40:16 – Longfellow
00:42:12 – (Untitled)
00:43:54 – Phobics of Tragedy
00:47:21 – Not the Same
00:51:45 – Provider
00:57:38 – Last One
01:02:22 – The Sun (B-Side)
01:08:17 – Rough Day (B-Side)
01:11:34 – Enemy (Video Mix)

Travis Meeks: vocals, guitar, bass, drums
Clark Hagan: vocalization
Max Maxwell: drums
Pete Peterson: arrangements
Peter Rhee: drums
Ray Rizzo: percussion
Nicole Scherzinger: backing vocals
Carl Shields: drums
Matt Taul: drums
Alex Tench: backing vocals
Brian Vinson: bass
Conducted and arranged: Suzie Katayama
Members: Rick Baptist, Charles Boito, Eve Butler, Jon Clarke, Larry Corbett, Mario DeLeon, Joel Derouin, Virginia Frazer, Matthew J. Funes, Geraldo Hilera, Steven M. Holtman, Ronald Janelli, John T. Johnson, Renita Koven, Daniel Smith, David Stone, John Wittenberg, and Phillip E. Yao
Sandie Hall, Linda Harmon, Luana Jackman, Victor Janacua, Bob Joyce, Jon Joyce, Rick Logan, Suzie Katayama, Donna Medina, and Oren Waters