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Green Day – American Idiot HD LIVE – Phoenix 3-1-17

Green Day kicked off its 2017 Revolution Radio U.S. Tour at the Talking Stick Resort Arena in Phoenix, Arizona on 3-1-17.


1. Know Your Enemy
2. Bang Bang
3. Revolution Radio
4. Holiday
5. Letterbomb
6. Boulevard of Broken Dreams
7. Longview
8. Youngblood
9. 2000 Light Years Away
10. Hitchin’ a Ride
11. When I Come Around
12. Waiting
13. Christie Road
14. Burnout
15. Do You Wanna Dance? (The Ramones cover)
16. Scattered
17. Minority
18. Are We the Waiting
19. St. Jimmy
20. Knowledge (Operation Ivy cover)
21. Basket Case
22. She
23. King for a Day
24. Shout / Always Look on the Bright Side of Life / (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction / Hey Jude
25. Still Breathing
26. Forever Now

27. American Idiot
28. Jesus of Suburbia

Billie Solo Acoustic:
29. Ordinary World
30. Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)


Green Day Live – Knowledge – Worcester, MA (March 17th, 2017) [1080 HD]

Green Day
Worcester, MA, USA
March 17th, 2017
DCU Center

Want The Complete Show? Contact For Details!

Please contact if you do not want the free promotion and would like it taken down.


Top 10 Green Day Songs – Louder Ten

On today’s Louder Ten, we check out the Top 10 Green Day Songs starting from ‘When I Come Around,’ ‘Long View’, ‘American Idiot’, ‘Wake Me Up When September Ends’, to ‘Boulevard of Broken Dreams’, and ’21 Guns’. Check out the full list on today’s Louder Ten.

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Green Day – 21st Century Breakdown – ALBUM REVIEW

Let’s see if Green Day’s second rock opera is as good as the first.

Artist: Green Day
Album: 21st Century Breakdown
Release Date: May 15, 2009
Genre(s): Alternative rock, pop punk, pop rock
Length: 69:16

MAIN CHANNEL: https://www.youtube.com/user/Keeponrockin404

COLLAB GAMING CHANNEL: https://www.youtube.com/user/DramaticDoofuses


Black Sabbath live at the Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena Sept 3rd! Presale

Tickets on sale Saturday April 20 at 10am. Get tix @ http://bit.ly/XRyDdC


Green Day Letterbomb live 10/8/2016 Webster Hall New York city

Green Day live performing Letterbomb Saturday, October 8, 2016 at Webster Hall in New York city


Green Day Concert about to begin | Revolution Radio Tour | Los Angeles | 16th Sept 2017

Green Day – Live in Concert [The Revolution Radio Tour]
Location: Rose Bowl Stadium, Pasadena, California
Date: 16th Sept., 2017


Mr Bean the Holiday edit with greenday, by Mr Bean Fan Club.

Mr Bean the Holiday edit with greenday, by Mr Bean Fan Club.
rowan atkinson plays the role of this incredibly funny movie which will be in cinemas tomorow (30th march) so this is a small tribute to the film (i have seen it at the premiers and it is very good !)
so, don’t forget to join the mr bean fan club for updates, new videos and all sorts…lol
just suscribe to become a member.


Green Day Merch-Day 4

This is all the Green Day stuff I own. I wish I had more… OH WAIT :3 I HAVE GREEN DAY SHOELACES I SHALL SHOW THOSE IN MY NEXT VIDEO :33