green day first in line champaign urbana line

i just arrived in champagin urbana to see the green day concert.
it looks like the line started forming yesterday.
i chat with the first in line..
they say they want to get barricaded. we shall see how crazy this place gets.


Green Day – Boulevard of Broken Dreams @ Barclays Center Brooklyn NY 2017

Green Day – Boulevard of Broken Dreams @ Barclays Center Brooklyn NY 2017


Green Day “Insomniac” Full album bass cover

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I am sorry for some mistakes..
Track list here:
00:00 – Armatage shanks
02:18 – Brat
04:00 – Stuck with me
06:19 – Geek stink breath
08:34 – No pride
10:53 – Bab’s uvula who?
13:02 – 86
15:51 – Panic song
19:25 – Suart and the avenue
21:30 – Brain stew
24:42 – Jaded
26:10 – Westbound sign
28:25 – Tightwad hill
30:26 – Walking contradiction

Thanks for watching! 😉


(Guitar Lessons) Green Day – When I Come Around – How to Play on Guitar – Tutorial click here to receive lessons not on youtube, and a free chord and scale book.


Courtside tickets to Game 7 sell for $99K !!! Why The NBA would rig games EXPOSED!

In this video I share more evidence that indicates that the NBA would be interested in rigging games for money and ratings. Game 7 tickets for court side seating have sold for over 99 000$ !!!

Stephen Curry’s wife accuses NBA of being ‘rigged for money or ratings !! NBA EXPOSED !!!

Stephen Curry’s wife retracts accusations that NBA being ‘rigged for money and ratings

Article –


Illuminati NFL

NFL & Game Fixing – An Unauthorized History of The NFL – VERY RARE & Corporate Buried 19

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American Idiot: The Musical July 23, 2016

Grays Harbor College’s Bishop Center presents: Green Day’s American Idiot: The Musical!


Green Day invited a 13 year old kid onstage to play guitar, and he ROCKED!

Green Day invited a 13 year old kid named Ian onstage to play guitar at their show at Valley View Casino center in San Diego, and he rocked! Way to go Ian!