Greenday – are we the waiting / St.Jimmy Toronto Budweiser Stage 8/18 / 17

Greenday Are we the waiting / St.Jimmy Toronto Budweiser Stage 8 / 18 / 17


Green Day – American Idiot Live Hyde Park London 2017

British Summer Time Festival, July 2017


Green Day – 99 Revolutions (LIVE)

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This civil rights song is about the US banking collapse and alludes to the Occupy Movement.


Top 10 Worst Songs By Bands We Love

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Green Day – nimrod. [FULL ALBUM, HQ]

I do not own any of these tracks. All rights belong to Green Day.

1. Nice Guys Finish Last – 0:00
2. Hitchin’ a Ride – 2:48
3. The Grouch – 5:40
4. Redundant – 7:52
5. Scattered – 11:11
6. All the Time – 14:13
7. Worry Rock – 16:23
8. Platypus (I Hate You) – 18:50
9. Uptight – 21:12
10. Last Ride In – 24:16 (instrumental)
11. Jinx – 28:05
12. Haushinka – 30:17
13. Walking Alone – 33:43
14. Reject – 36:28
15. Take Back – 38:34
16. King for a Day – 39:43
17. Good Riddance (Time of Your Life) – 42:57
18. Prosthetic Head – 45:31


Green Day – 21st Century Breakdown (Live @ Wembley Stadium in London, England) [HD Fan Made]

THIS VIDEO IS ONLY FOR Entertainment uses ONLY!
Alrights Reserved: Green Day, Label: Reprise Records and WMG
(C) Audio from Green Day’s Awesome As F**K
Live Video Edit By: TheXabulous
Green Day performing 21st Century Breakdown @ Wembley Stadium in London, England
on June 15-16, 2010 during the 21st Century Breakdown Summer of 2010 World Tour.
Lead Singer: Billie Joe Armstrong
Bassist: Mike Dirt
Drummer: Tre Cool
Session and Touring Members
Guitar – Jason White
Keyboards, Horns – Jason Freese
Guitar – Jeff Matika
All of these videos that I used can be found on YouTube!
Audio – Track 1 on Awesome As F**K
Born into Nixon I was raised in hell
A welfare child where the teamsters dwelled
The last one born, and the first one to run
My town was blind from refinery sun

My generation is zero
I never made it as a working class hero

21st century breakdown
I once was lost but never was found
I think I am losing what’s left of my mind
To the 20th century deadline

I was made of poison and blood
Condemnation is what I understood
Video games to the tower’s fall
Homeland Security could kill us all

My generation is zero
I never made it as a working class hero

21st century breakdown
I once was lost but never was found
I think I am losing what’s left of my mind
To the 20th century deadline

We are the class of, the class of 13
Born in the era of humility
We are the desperate in the decline
Raised by the bastards of 1969

My name is no one
The long lost son
Born on the 4th of July

Raised in an era of heroes and cons
That left me for dead or alive

I am a nation
A worker of pride
My debt to the status quo

The scars on my hands
And the means to an end
Is all that I have to show

I swallowed my pride
And I choked on my faith
I’ve given my heart and my soul
I’ve broken my fingers
And lied through my teeth
The pillar of damage control

I’ve been to the edge
And I’ve thrown the bouquet
Of flowers left over the grave
I sat in the waiting room
Wasting my time
And waiting for Judgment day

I praise liberty
The “freedom to obey”
Is the song that strangles me
Well, don’t cross the line

Oh, dream,
America, dream,
I can’t even sleep
From the light’s early dawn

Oh, scream,
America, scream
Believe what you see
From heroes and cons


Maya – Boulevard Of Broken Dreams | The Voice Kids 2016 | The Blind Auditions

Maya zingt tijdens haar Blind Audition het nummer ‘Boulevard of Broken Dreams’ van Green Day. Zij kiest uiteindelijk voor coach Ilse.

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The Voice Kids is iedere vrijdagavond om 20.30 uur te zien bij RTL 4. Bij deze show gaat het om écht talent. Alleen het beste van het beste is goed genoeg. De beste stem en de juiste mentaliteit, daar draait het om. The Voice Kids is op zoek naar iemand met grote klasse, met blijvende impact en een eigen geluid. Na een strenge voorselectie mag een klein aantal talenten een Blind Audition doen voor de coaches Marco Borsato, Ali B en Ilse de Lange.
Na The Blind Auditions gaat elke coach met zijn talenten door naar The Battle. Daar strijden de talenten in de battle-ring tegen elkaar voor een plek in de volgende ronde. De talenten die overblijven gaan naar de grote LIVE finale die op 1 april zal plaatsvinden in studio 22!


Conscious Calendar Green Days Explained

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Green days are Go days. Conscious Calendars are special calendars made from Vedic Astrology principles. Vedic Astrology is a minimum of a 5,000 year old system which combines the astronomy of this solar systems movements, our place in time and our individual karmas and consciousness and how they are being experienced in this lifetime.
Fate and Freewill are an eternal dance of our discovering our Divine nature.

Red, yellow or Green days each have a different quality to them, and as a result different things are supported on these days. A web site launch on a Green day, take heed on a yellow day and lay low on a Red Day.

Kathleen has taken the traditional map of the day and created a simple, easy to use – one glance calendar.
Kathleen views the planets and their relationship to each other for each day, where the Moon resides in the sky on that day, and adding 15 other factors creates the Conscious Calendar.
This is more than a panchangam (a 5 factor pulse of the day in Vedic Astrology), this views every day and the relationship of the planets with each other and the Moon – and then the day is determined to be Green (GO), Red (lay low) or Yellow (caution, have back up plans and plan extra time for travel and projects) Days.
At a glance, you get all these astrology principles all rolled into one place, FREE every month.


CP♫ FULL HD Green Day “Longview” Giordano & Gabriele on Stage @ Lucca 2017

Green Day “Longview” Live @ Lucca Summer Festival
Giordano at the singin’ part as Guest.
Gabriele, the punk drummer, on stage too.

Revolution Radio Tour 2017