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Green Day- Still Breathing @ London Hyde Park 2017

Green Day performing Still Breathing at Hyde Park


Green Day at 924 Gilman St. Berkeley, CA 5/3/91

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Revolution Radio – Instrumental Guitar Cover (Green Day) HD

▂ ▃ ▅ ▆ ▇ Revolution Radio – Instrumental Guitar Cover (Green Day) HD ▇ ▆ ▅ ▃ ▂

Hi guys, this is my cover of the new single Revolution Radio by Green Day (Revolution Radio) hope you enjoy it!
If you don’t wanna miss my future videos like covers, tutorials and collabs don’t forget to subscribe to my channel!! Thank you and see you next time, cheers!!

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Gear Used:
– Macbook Pro retina 13
– Logic Pro X
– Final Cut Pro X
– Sony Alpha 5000
– Gibson Les Paul Traditional


MTV Classic Presents Backtrack Green Day

MTV is throwing it back in honor of Revolution Radio!
“We’re celebrating the release of Green Day’s 12th studio album Revolution Radio with this look back at some classic performance and interview footage with the band. Middle fingers up!”

I do not own this video- it is from MTV


St. Patrick’s Day Craft Ideas for Primary School Children : Educational Crafts for Kids

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St. Patrick’s Day craft ideas for primary school involve common tools like a pair of scissors and some glue. Do St. Patrick’s Day crafts for primary school with help from an artist and educator in this free video clip.

Expert: Samantha Kelly
Filmmaker: Victor Varnado

Series Description: Educational crafts for kids are a great way to instill an important lesson and allow the little ones to have a little fun while you do it. Get tips on educational crafts for kids with help from an artist and educator in this free video series.


Albums Ranked: #4 – Green Day

Welcome to the forth instalment of Albums Ranked. The show where I rank an artists discography from worst to best. And today, it’s my biggest amount of albums to well… rank at 12, Green Day. I’m sorry that these don’t come out very often but they take a while to make so I can only do so much in one go. I have started writing the script for the fifth instalment and then I’ll probably call it there to focus on other projects for a bit. But thanks for watching and if you enjoyed this video please give it a thumbs up or maybe even Subscribe if you want more. Thanks again and take care!


Green Day Dookie Full Album Guitar Cover

Burnout- 0:19
Having A Blast- 2:25
Chump- 5:11
Longview- 8:03
Welcome To Paradise- 12:04
Pulling Teeth- 15:48
Basket Case- 18:19
She- 21:20
Sassafras Roots- 23:33
When I Come Around- 26:12
Coming Clean- 29:10
Emenius Sleepus- 30:45
In The End- 32:29
F.O.D- 34:13
Secret Song- 38:39
The solo on pulling teeth is a bit sketchy, but its kinda one of those that you can’t get exactly right, I’m sure BJ plays it different every time (: But otherwise I had a lot of fun with it. Again I had to take two separate videos and stick them together, so that’s why it cuts out right before F.O.D.
I do not own rights to this song or band and I am using it for educational and entertaining purposes.


Blink 182 TOYPAJ full album on the way


Green Day: ¡Tre! – coming 1/15 [Official Trailer With Album Cover]

© 2012 WMG Watch the official trailer for Green Day’s ¡Tre! including the album cover reveal!

Get the new album ¡Tre! at now!

Official website:
Official Facebook:
Official Twitter: