Stars & Stripes All-Access: 40 Hours with Team USA at World Cup of Hockey

During the pre-camp for the World Cup of Hockey, Team USA played a back-to-back night home-and-home series against rival Canada. USA Hockey takes you on a behind-the-scenes look of these 40 hours when the team travels from Columbus Ohio to Ottawa Canada to Washington DC.


Green Day – Scattered – [HQ]

Title: Scattered
Album: nimrod.


I’ve got some scattered pictures lying on my bedroom floor.
Reminds me of the times we shared.
Makes me wish that you were here.
‘Cause now it seems I’ve forgotten my purpose in this life.
All the songs have been erased.
Guess I’ve learned from my mistakes.

Open the past and present.
Now and we are there.
Story to tell and I am listening.
Open the past and present.
And the future too.
It’s all I’ve got and I’m giving it up to you.

Loose ends tied in knots.
Leaving a lump down in my throat.
Gagging on a souvenir.
Lodged to fill another year.
Drag it on and on until my skin is ripped to shreds.
Leaving myself open wide.
Living out a sacrifice.

If you got no one and I’ve got no place to go, would it be alright?
Could it be alright?


Green day – Forever Now – Live Show UK 03- 05 – 2017

Album Revolution Radio – Green day – Forever Now – Live Show UK 03- 05 – 2017 – Billy of Green Day


Green Day@Lucca Summer Festival 14/06/17 – Luca suona con i Green Day e Billie regala la chitarra!

Eccomi qua, quando i sogni si avverano!!! Non ho parole, emozioni incredibili che resteranno per sempre con me. Ringrazio tantissimo Billie, Mike e Tré e tutto lo Staff, i miei genitori, mio fratello, e tutto il pubblico intorno a me!



Green Day – American Idiot – LIVE Montreal March 22 2017

Green Day playing American Idiot during their first “encore” at the Bell Center Wednesday March 22nd, 2017!


what happened to Greenday?

has anyone else noticed since the disney stars like Miley Cyrus , Selena Gomez and Justin Beiber came in we dont here about bands like greenday,simple plan and good charlotte anymore 🙁
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Green Day and Tim Armstrong – Radio (The House of Blues 2015)

Green Day and Tim Armstrong – Radio (Rancid Cover)


Green Day – Live MuchMusic Studio 2000 [Intimate and Interactive PROSHOT] (Toronto, Canada HD 720p)

Back with another Green Day video… here we have a TV proshot of Green Day’s performance at MuchMusic’s studio for Intimate and Interactive on November 2, 2000. Almost a month after Warning came out. This show includes live video, phone calls, and audience involvement by asking questions and such during interviews! Awesome show and I hope you enjoy! P.S. as a bonus I also included some of the countdown to this show with exclusive interviews! Subscribe for more videos 😉

Date: November 2, 2000
Venue: MuchMusic Studio (299 Queen Street West)
Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Tour: This is the Warning Album Tour

Minority 0:00
Blood, Sex and Booze 2:53
Church on Sunday 6:02
Warning 9:17
Interview 1 14:17
Castaway 23:12
Waiting 27:28
Jackass 30:34
Interview 2 33:17
Geek Stink Breath 35:35
Longview 37:52
Interview 3 41:44
Nice Guys Finish Last 49:35
Hitchin’ a Ride 52:27
Brat 55:48
Who Wrote Holden Caulfield? 57:38
She 1:03:09
Going To Pasalacqua 1:05:44