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Green Day concert vlog|Leeds 5/2/17|Lookitsbecca

Omg last night was actually amazing
I miss it already😂🙄
Billie joe is my lil smol bean
I’ve waited 12 years to see them and it was honestly worth the wait!!❤
If you ever get the chance to see them then you should!!
I’m gonna go now
188 pizza buddies🍕👫👫
Songs: Ordinary World-Green day
Random shit that no one actually cares about
•How old are you? 14💃🏻
•Country? England🇬🇧
•Full name? Rebecca Jayne Fish
Lel I have a funny last name Anno
Social media🤘🏻
Follow me so I feel loved
Cuz I is not
Channel links
🤘🏻Rebeccaxwalters(2nd channel):
🎸Band Obsessed Teens(collab):
Gotta mcr!!
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All rights reserved to The owner. I do not own this song.

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INSTAGRAM: angelinamontoyaa
SNAPCHAT: mmeowz


Green Day – Walking Contradiction (Video)

© 2005 WMG
Walking Contradiction (Video)


Green Day Announce New Album, Unleash New Song ‘Bang Bang’

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Green Day interview on ABC Nightline (09/21/2012)

Right before the Las Vegas fiasco, our boys were interviewed for the ABC Nightline, talking about their upcoming trilogy and whatnot.


Green Day’s Entrance – 21st Century Breakdown Tour, 2009 – Boston – July 20th.

Yes, that’s me crying tears of joy & screaming “OH MY GOD!” uncontrollably behind the camera. It was my first Green Day show & I’ve been a fan my whole life. Self Explanatory 🙂

I would’ve filmed the whole thing, but the security guard told me i had to put my camera away = LAME. But later on, they left me take pictures/film & whatnot!