green day first in line champaign urbana line

i just arrived in champagin urbana to see the green day concert.
it looks like the line started forming yesterday.
i chat with the first in line..
they say they want to get barricaded. we shall see how crazy this place gets.


“Donald Trump is not my fucking president” – Green Day live – Manchester Arena, UK 6/2/17

“Tonight is about us sharing this moment together. We don’t need any cellphones anymore right now. We don’t need news. We don’t need Facebook, we don’t need Instagram, we don’t need any of that shit. Everything outside these doors is all corruption and all negativity. I’ll tell you one thing, Donald Trump is not my fucking president. Because soon he will be gone. Because we’re the freedom, this is what freedom looks like, freedom looks like this in Manchester. Freedom is singing at the top of your lungs. Freedom is passion and love and joy. We will not be divided. We will not be divided. WE WILL NOT BE DIVIDED.” – Billie Joe Armstrong, Green Day, 6th February 2017

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Green Day – King For A Day/Shout – Rod Laver Arena Melbourne Australia – 16/12/2009

Jet made an unexpected appearance with a bunch of male strippers. It was hilarious! Thanks to my sister for recording the whole show while I was on the floor.


Green Day’s AMERICAN IDIOT on Broadway Official Site Home.flv

seee el triler de el musical american idiot’s


Green Day – Scattered (Live on UK TV) HQ

Green Day – Scattered performed in 1998 for a Friday night tv show in the UK . Good quality recording here though the beginning got chopped.


Green Day Concert (Mannheim) 2017

Wir waren in Mannheim auf dem Green Day Konzert und haben dazu einen kleinen Vlog gemacht c:
Es war echt ein unvergesslicher Tag! Ich meine ich habe nach 6 Jahren meine Lieblingsband wiedergesehen… kommt mir noch immer wie ein Traum vor~

Kanal der super sweeten Bones Buddy:


Concert Ticket Prices Suck

Motley Crue, Poison, NY Dolls tour, Tickets are way overpriced.