Hot Arab Woman singing Mystical Trip Hop Music

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The trip hop is a musical genre that encompasses different forms of electronic music slow or downtempo. It began in the mid- 1990s, emerging from the scenes of hip hop and house British and very much on the scene underground Bristol. It has been described as the “alternative choice in Europe in the second half of 1990” and as a “fusion of hip hop and electronica to the point that neither genre is recognizable. ” The absence of vowels in the trip hop led him to find his own idiosyncrasies replacing vowels with more abstract sounds while allowing you to let go of the need to copy the American hip hop.

Trip-hop is because of its slow tempos often as introverted or atmospheric soundscapes and melancholic felt. Often with low-fidelity -Effekten how the crackle of vinyl records worked. Instrumental trip-hop pieces are among many in the clear demarcation not more than trip-hop, but as Downbeat called. Elsewhere the term is downbeat but as a parent category or collective term for various styles, including trip-hop belongs.

Trip-Hop has its roots in hip-hop and dub, but on characteristics such as rap is usually dispensed with trip-hop. Often harmoniously – melodic encountered elements, similar to pop music.

The music journalist Andy Pemberton coined the term “trip hop” in 1994 in the June issue of Mixmag magazine, used for the first time. The name was created by the charge included in the Hip-Hop elements and the similar one trip felt slow sounds. In the multicultural scene of Bristol was founded toward the end of the 1980s, the artist collective “The Wild Bunch”, which also includes Massive Attack and Tricky belonged. Massive Attack has been with her ​​first album, according to many listeners Blue Lines laid the foundation stone of the trip-hop, but it was still very strong for the most part on radio and Soul ajar. Portishead (named after the town in England, near Bristol) was the first band that has the new style presented so that the music journalists saw a need for a new genre name. The alternative term Bristol sound is controversial even today in Bristol, because many local musicians who produce no trip-hop, feel marginalized.

Since the advent of trip-hop, many musicians were inspired by this style, so you can find typical elements of many other genres. This genre is hard to define because its definition varies by country. It is usually described with precursors artists such as Massive Attack, Portishead, Archive, Björk, Morcheeba, or Tricky who returned in any category.

The genre is based rhythmic hip-hop, on which are grafted all sorts of influences, jazz, blues, electronic music, film music, soul, rock, dub, etc. It thus greatly enriched and is now divided into many sub-genres ( acid jazz, downtempo, electro-dub, electro-jazz, electronica-free…). Eclecticism is required. The artistic purpose of the majority of groups claiming trip hop music is to create a “hovering” in generally quiet and melancholy appearance (although faster in tempo influences exist). This type is also part of some aspects in the line of some groups post-punk like Siouxsie and the Banshees and The Cure, both combos have been taken over by Tricky and Massive Attack. Tricky opens his second album Nearly God by a version of Tattoo, a piece pre-trip-hop of Siouxsie and the Banshees.

The Arabic music is a collection of music from the Arab world that is to say, a geographical area from the Middle East to the Atlantic. It constitutes the branches of the same musical family that evolved in cultural centers of the Near East and the Middle East but also in different contexts.

Despite their many appearances, this music, which all come from the oral tradition, have certain common characteristics, under the guise of art music a mixture of the Indian system and the art of interpreting the maqam, although the particular Regional are marked. Traditional forms of music that usually combine vocal and instrumental performances, often in alternation. Unlike Western music in which have developed the art of polyphony and the harmony, Arabic music is anchored on monody where the melody is monophonic and built on a extremely rich system of melodic modes, called maqams.

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Na Fianna – Irish Folk Festival 2011

Tolle Atmosphäre in der Balver Höhle!
Wir filmen für Sie:


looking for purse (alternative rock / grunge)

band : Abrids
Genre : Alternative rock, grunge, indierock,
Track : #
Album : 9 (2014)
Full album on

High quality album (Flac,wav) :

High quality album (flac, wav) freely avalaible on :


THE REACTION (Annecy punk rock) @ LYON – Le Trokson



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La Bondiola Rock Band, “Victoria”.

Antigua canción instrumental. Grabada ahora entre julio y setiembre de 2015.
Baterías grabadas en Neptunia, Canelones, Uruguay y el resto en La Paloma, Rocha, Uruguay
Grabación: micros JTS, Peavey y beheringher de esos de 20 U$S (medio pelo). Únicamente un JTS específico para el bombo que después tomó el bajo.
Consola Soundcraft e interfase Beheringher (esa de de 60 dolores) .
AUDACITY y la Magallanes a huevo!!! (aunque usted no lo crea).


Rock Art and Fossil Fuels

Wyoming’s natural resources have attracted people and development since prehistoric times. In many places you can see ancient lad use in close proximity to modern industry.

Exploring the Nature of Wyoming is produced by:
University of Wyoming Extension
Sustainable Management of Rangeland Resources


Penadas por la ley – Sexo débil? (Full Album)

1. Introducción
2. El Quintero
3. Juan
4. Generación Masakrada
5. La Piel
6. Poder de Cerdos
7. Carlos 95-99
8. Puta Sociedad
9. Es un Crimen
10. Negociando tu Futuro
11. Manotas
12. Somalía
13. Por Qué Será
14. Víctima-Harto


ROSE ROSE ‎– Mosh Of Ass (Japan, 1987) FULL ALBUM

•Dick Side
A1 Glad Hand 00:00
A2 Born To Be A Skate Boy 02:06
A3 Wipe Out (Keep Your Finger Crossed) 03:44
A4 Two Faced 05:33
A5 End In Smoke 08:35
A6 (I Kill The) Blasphemer 11:09
A7 Water Of Life 13:19
A8 IxLxA 16:23
•Lust Side
B1 Mosh Of Ass 19:47
B2 Too Much Cyco 24:56
B3 Your Fate 26:36
B4 Make Good My Escape 27:47
B5 Rise Above 30:22
B6 Under The Dog 33:49
B7 Funeral Song 35:42

Vocals, Bass, Lyrics By, Music By – Hiro
Guitar, Chorus – Sada
Drums, Chorus – Ichirow

Design Concept [Concept & Design] – Sugichan
Engineer [Assistant] – Hideki Fujisawa
Engineer [Recording] – Keizou Watanabe
Music By – Sada (tracks: A2, B2, B5)
Producer – Micky Moriwaki, Rose Rose

Dogma Records ‎– DOG-21
In Your Face Records – FACE 2
Recorded 1987 at Rock House Explosion, Tokyo, Japan.


Punk Beach!

FSG -1995 Jesse, Craig, Ger-I, Craig

Frontside Grind before the end of time!
Prior to the sale of skateboarding to the highest bidder, the demise and sanitation of free thought, creativity, and liberty (in part by this curse known as the internet)  a sub-culture of society’s outcasts ran amok in, on, above and below of what is now known as  Douchetown errrrr Silicon Beach.
Languishing in the Maryjane laced sunshine, putrid, garbage and graffiti strewn pavilion. Sure “the man” was down on us yet we never let “em” see us sweat, if you know what I mean and if you don’t know may God in heaven help as I sure cant.  Home is where the heart is and the heart has been bought, sold and transplanted and what now exists is sponsored by Google and Massengel.
“Front Side Grind in my mind/sk8n aint no crime”