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Simple Plan – Can’t Keep My Hands Off You (Feat. Rivers Cuomo)

Simple Plan - Can't Keep My Hands Off You (Feat. Rivers Cuomo)

From Simple Plan’s new album coming June 21st 2011. The track is also featured in Disney’s new movie ‘Prom’ in theaters April 29th 2011.

Buy the track here –


My Fender Strat sits all alone collecting dust in the corner
Haven’t called any of my friends I’ve been MIA since last December
My BlackBerry’s filled up with email
Phone calls go straight through to voicemail


‘Cause on the street or under the covers
We’re stuck like 2 pieces of Velcro
At the bar in the back of my car
It don’t matter what I do, no
I can’t keep my hands off you


There’s fungus growin in the ice box all I got left are Fruit Roll Ups
My clothes are 6 months old but I don’t care no no no I don’t notice
My bills pile so high it is shocking
The repo man just keeps on knocking


Sorry to all my friends
And to anyone I offend
But I can’t help it

Can’t keep my hands off