Operation Ivy – Yellin’ In My Ear (Ukulele Cover) ᴴᴰ

Ukulele Goes Punk compilate 20 tracks covering famous Punk songs sorted from A to Z.

This playlist is an original work gathering several Ukulele Covers

Created & Realized by Toni Van Rijsel.


Link to the full playlist :

– +44 – When Your Heart Stops Beating (Ukulele Cover)
– All Time Low – Six Feet Under the Stars (Ukulele Cover)
– Bad Religion – Do What You Want (Ukulele Cover)
– blink-182 – The Rock Show (Ukulele Cover)
– Green Day – Basket Case (Ukulele Cover)
– NoFX – Linoleum (Ukulele Cover)
– Operation Ivy – Yelling In My Ear (Ukulele Cover)
– Paramore – Ignorance (Ukulele Cover)
– The All American Rejects – Gives You Hell (Ukulele Cover)
– Wheatus – Teenage Dirtbag (Ukulele Cover)



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Absint KALD DAMU trailer

Absint – Pierre-Yves Chapalain
Vykloubená groteska
premiéra 4. května 2012 – katedra alternativního a loutkového divadla

Knír nebo život?

“Moje sestra si myslí, že jsem ji chtěla otrávit. Prostě jsem nalila čistící prostředek do sklenice na víno, která stála na baru, ona přišla, bez jediného slova se po ní vrhla a začala si v ní máčet rty. Tak jsem ji nechala. Říkala jsem si — když ani neumí pozdravit… Nakonec si musela sama zavolat sanitku.”

režie, překlad – Linda Dušková
úprava – Linda Dušková, Helena Eliášová
dramaturgie – Helena Eliášová
scéna – Silvie Gajdošíková
kostýmy – Marianna Stránská
kostýmní spolupráce – Helena Fričarová
choreografie – Kateřina Stupecká
zvuk – Jitka Nebeská
světla – Šimon Kočí
hudební spolupráce – Vratislav Šrámek
produkce – Kristýna Kamenická, Kamila Mazáčová, Zuzana Hájková

Francis – Jan Cina
Adèle – Johana Schmidtmajerová
Absint – Soňa Páleníková
Adrien – Šimon Krupa
Muž s knírkem, Eduard a Jean – Pavel Blažek
Constance – Hedvika Řezáčová
Monica – Eliška Křenková
Číšník – Antonín Týmal
Provazochodkyně – Anne — Françoise Josephová
Krotitel lvů – Filip Šebšajevič
Vousatá dáma – Tilen Kozamelj

Tomáš Indy Kratochvíl


Cyberpunk Digital Inspiration

Cyberpunk Digital Inspiration is an album made entirely of synth waveforms and rompler sound clips, crashed together in patterns that hopefully inspire others to create. Each track is accompanied by an image and a writing prompt.

As a classically trained musician, I’d never done much with synthesizers before. While writing a cyberpunk themed serial, Incorporated, that I intended to podcast, I decided to write a soundtrack to go with it. But to do that, I had to learn something new. Every other instrument I’d ever used had strings or tubes to create sound. Now I’m making sound with a MIDI keyboard and software. So I started writing cyberpunk themed music in a simple synth program, and started putting them up online.

Digital Inspirations is made of the first thirty synth and rompler tracks that I made while developing the style and digital instrument set for the soundtrack to Incorporated. I hope they will inspire others to create sci-fi and cyberpunk worlds and settings, just as they’ve done for me while I’ve been working on them. They were created with a combination of skills learned in analog instruments, and entirely digital or synthesized waveforms combined by software. Nature and technology, man and machine, working together to create something new.

What genre is it? Damned if I know. There’s a bit of synth and retro wave influence, just because I grew up in the 80s. There’s a bit of jazz and orchestral influence, because I’ve been in orchestras and small ensembles. For now, I’m just calling this a cyberpunk soundtrack, and leaving it at that.

If you want to download the full album, I put it online at http://chickenscratching.bandcamp.com/album/cyberpunk-digital-inspiration

Track listing:
1:// Last Job

2:// City Streets

3:// Network Key

4:// Greater Forces

5:// Can Digital Analog?

6:// Invisible

7:// Yakuza

8:// Underground

9:// Forward

10:// Sometimes you lose

11:// Watch your back

12:// I’ll watch your back

13:// Gentle Intrusion

14:// Cat and Mouse

15:// Momentary freedom

16:// Lonely nights

17:// Lost in translation

18:// Asphalt Jungle

19:// Smash and Grab

20:// You and Me and Everyone on the Web

21:// Subject Unknown

22:// Bounceback

23:// Man in Machine

24:// The Place Where I was Made

25:// Waves

26:// Lean on me

27:// Another day

28:// I believe

29:// A new place

30:// Goodbye to Everyone and Everything

Cyberpunk Digital Inspiration
Album and music by Hugh Sullivan
Copyright 2015
All rights reserved
http://chickenscratchingdotcom.tumblr.com/ */

All images (with the exception of the album cover) are just nifty cyberpunk-ish images I’ve found online, and I try to link to at least where I’ve found them. So they’re not mine to give permission to use. The original links to them can all be found with the original music posts at http://chickenscratchingdotcom.tumblr.com/tagged/writing-prompt

All writing prompts are free to use (of course. Otherwise there isn’t much use in sharing them), and all music is free for non-commercial use. (although I do love me some link-backs and attribution if you can.)


Vibesonic jam – Egotrip (Full Album, psychedelic, indie, rock jam…)

01 – SONIC INTRO (3.55)
02 – SPANISH FLY (2.48)
03 – SPEED (4.17)
04 – EXTASY (5.26)
05 – COUNTRY JAM (3.23)
07 – EGOTRIP (7.10)
08 – LUCKY LUKE (1.50)

All rights is owned by Vibesonic jam
This album was certified through SafeCreative


The band VIBESONIC JAM from Slovenia was started by the creative core of the band Sleazy Snails which played in most venues all over Slovenia and received great reviews in the media. Vibesonic Jam decided to completely ignore current musical trends and mix various musical styles in order to pursue their vision. Their eclecticism includes styles such as hard rock, psychedelia, indie etc. The result is a unique style that builds its expressive power on atmosphere, controlled noise, melodics and the current inspiration of the band members. In live shows the force and richness of sound is upgraded by improvisations of the band members.


Emotional Collapse (Creepy Gothic Music) – NAOYA.S

Gothic(Gotique) Piano Music – Emotional Collapse(Original Composition)

Artist: Naoya Sakamata
♬Naoya Sakamata[PIANO music Channel]♬

This music is Original royalty free piano music.
If you are using, please put a link.


◇Twitter:Naoya Sakamata



PHYZZ Band Played At Mansfield VFW 3-22-2014 by Lonny Frost

PHYZZ Band performed at Mansfield VFW on March 22, 2014
Rock band member are left to right:
John Parker, back Kevin Williams, female vocalist Shannon M. Niver, back on drums is Jamie Huslander and last is singer & guitar player Paul Speck.

No video can capture the real sound of this rock band. Talented and hot.

Video Tune 0354 by Lonny Frost


森崎アリス と行く恐怖の初詣 1

森崎アリス チャンネル



YouTuber Pop Punk Band!!Our New Statement!

You can download our songs from iTunes Store

Official Website

We are “YouTuber Pop Punk Band” Our New Statement
We’ll uplode various videos!!!!!Look forward to it!Please subscribe!
Best wishes to all!! From Japan


Vinyl Records Go for a New Spin

From http://voaspecialenglish.com | http://facebook.com/voalearningenglish

For many Americans, vinyl records bring back memories of growing up in the ’60s and ’70s.

At that time, people listened to Elvis Presley and The Beatles on black discs spinning on a turntable. Today’s younger generation did not grow up with vinyl records. But for them, vinyl is cool.

Fourteen-year-old Jack Lowenstein visited Crooked Beat Records in Washington, DC.

JACK LOWENSTEIN: “I prefer to buy vinyl records over CD.”

Nineteen-year-old Sarah Griffith likes them, too.

SARAH GRIFFITH: “More recently I’ve started buying more, you know, like old punk records and stuff.”

Jonathon Oldmixon is in his 30s. For him, records are collectibles.

JONATHON OLDMIXON: “I don’t have a preference. However I’ll admit there are some things that I want specifically on vinyl because they have a certain aesthetic appeal to them. The picture on the cover is really nice or the record itself is really nice.”

Nielsen SoundScan reports on music and audio sales in the United States. It says vinyl records were the fastest growing music media in 2010. About three million were sold. Still, sales of vinyl records in America are small compared to CDs and MP3s.

Bill Daly is the owner of Crooked Beat.

BILL DALY: “Since 2007, vinyl has grown to where it is now — 99 percent of our sales. In 2007, when they started introducing new vinyl releases, free MP3 download card with it, that’s when the sales started surging.”

He says his online sales of vinyl are growing.

BILL DALY: “We ship all over the world almost every day. You name the country, we’ve probably shipped there because there’s not very many record stores around the world anymore.”

Furnace MFG in Virginia was mainly known for manufacturing CDs and DVDs. Now its main product is vinyl. Company head Eric Astor says meeting demand for vinyl has been hard.

ERIC ASTOR: “They haven’t made a new vinyl pressing machine since the early ’80s, so you have to find the equipment that’s available and there’s not a lot of equipment available.”

Eric Astor has partnered with vinyl factories in Germany and Holland. The records are sent to Furnace’s headquarters, prepared and shipped. Astor says his company produces more than two million vinyl records a year.
For some people, they are a reminder of a time before digital media.

Joe Pollock has been collecting vinyl for seven years.

JOE POLLOCK: “I go through my collection, I pick out what I want to hear, I put it on, there’s that, you’re touching it, you’re feeling it. There is a warmth to it. And you have to sit through a whole album.”

As Eric Astor notes:

ERIC ASTOR: “A record that’s pressed well from start to finish can sound much better than anything digital because of the fact that it’s not in compressed, whereas with any sort of a CD or even a high-res digital file there’s always a little bit of compression.”

Astor says nothing beats a real record. He says vinyl’s popularity will continue to grow. I’m Mario Ritter.


WHOREZ (Punk rock) – МЫ ЭТО ШУМ – (LIVE IN BUNKER 29.08.17)

One song from past gig by Whorez. It`s their first gig after reunion.


Bangers – The Mitigation Committee (BackSeatSessions)

Roo from UK punkrock band Bangers playing an acoustic version of their song ‘The Mitigation Committee’