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El musical de Green Day, American Idiot llega a la Argentina

El musical de Green Day, American Idiot llega a la Argentina

Entrevistas a los protagonistas del musical creado por la banda Green Day. American Idiot durante 8 semanas en el Teatro Broadway.


Entrevistamos a: German “Tripa” Tripel, Sofia Morandi, Sofia Val, Tati Luna, Mariu Fernandez y Fran Eizaguirre.

Estrelladas TV.
Conducción: Peli Cohen
Realización: Eliana Moyano


Green Day’s American Idiot UK Cast Interview | Funny On Stage Mishaps – Auditions | Rebellious Noise

Green Day's American Idiot UK Cast Interview | Funny On Stage Mishaps - Auditions | Rebellious Noise

Scott from Rebellious Noise chats to the cast of Green Day’s American Idiot UK. The cast talk about some of their favourite on stage mishaps, Green Day’s influence on their lives and who else they would like to see in the cast. Plus much more topics and plenty of laughs.

This interview was recorded in London in October 2015.

Rebellious Noise:
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“American Idiot The Musical” Green Day Interviews & Soundcheck for fans on AP-RED

"American Idiot The Musical"  Green Day Interviews & Soundcheck for fans on AP-RED

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AP-RED’s Jason Drew talks to Billie Joe Armstrong, Tré Cool & Mike Dirnt of Green Day at a special event for press and fans! The sure-to-be-a -smash musical “American Idiot,” based on the 2004 Grammy winning album, is bringing die-hard Green Day fans to the St. James Theatre in NY from places like Florida, Washington DC and Seattle just to see their beloved angst-ridden Green Day songs hit the stage in true Michael Mayer fashion!
AP-RED warns you…Get tickets now because this show is going to be a real Hit!
You’ve got to be a real Idiot to wait any longer! The show opens April 20th!
Get tickets now.

Get tickets at or!




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Can you believe what they’re doing to my favorite album of ALL TIME?! This is my newest installment for the RANT IT OUT! series, #FuckYouKerrang


Final “Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life)” on Broadway – American Idiot

Final "Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life)" on Broadway - American Idiot

Final “Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life)” at American Idiot on Broadway. Green Day’s American Idiot gave it’s final performance on Broadway on April 24th, 2011.

For pictures and more, head over to