Do You Remember Rock n Roll CDs?

About Life’s fifth music video, Do You Remember Rock n Roll CDs. The song is available on About Life’s second EP, “Still On Basics”, which you can download for free on the websites below:
Zona Punk Records:


Heroes and Hooligans – New Elders

“Heroes & Hooligans” by New Elders, an emerging bluesy punk-rock band from Ottawa
Recorded live at Cafe Dekcuf on August 16th, 2012
lyrics below

when I start to lose my head
a steady hand will take its turn
to ease my mind as we take a step back
just to let it burn

we try to leave the bags behind but they’re always catching up
we feel the weight of each new year
but here’s to us all for another one down
this one’s for all of you here

because we’re all so good
but don’t you dare die young
there’s life in our years and so much to come.

they say we are an army but this army not destruct
we just watch each other’s backs for when shit runs amuck
remember the words we shared from late night to early morning
we’ll come and we will go, we need no warning

because you’re all so good
but don’t you dare die young
with life in our years and so much to come.

Here’s to all the rascal kings
the anchor ends of all these things
to you i say “my kingdom for a beer”
ill toast to you time and again
you heroes or just hooligans,
well that part’s never clear


Modena City Ramblers – Ninna Nanna (PUNK/METAL/ROCK COVER by ZE)


rischieresti di capire cosa sta succedendo qui…

Su MARCA la MUSICA ITALIANA incontra e si scontra
con il ROCK, il PUNK e il METAL (e non solo)

pubblichiamo 3 video a settimana distribuiti su 3 canali


? lunedì alle 13:30 ► cose per bambini sul canale “papà di Viola”

? mercoledì alle 17:30 ► cover inglese sul secondo canale

? venerdì alle 13:30 ► cover italiana qui su MARCA

Inoltre qui su MARCA facciamo almeno 2 LIVE alla SETTIMANA
“Radio Canaglia” (lunedì e venerdì dalle 22:30 in poi)
per ascoltare gli inediti e le anteprime
e passarci una bella serata insieme.
E talvolta arrivano i video “extra”.


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PS: si, quindi abbiamo TRE canali.
Iscriviti con campanella solo a quelli che ti interessano.



Lost Cause-Misfit

Punk band Lost Cause from Orange, CA 1981 playing the song “Misfit.” The best version of the song, sung by Johnny Ernst.


Ethan Joins a 90s Boy Band music video



Singer and songwriter Jennifer Garza

Special performance and conversation with singer and songwriter Jennifer Garza. More Jennifer at
Our next project is this:


Excuse Me While I Fold My Pants – Repo Man Punk

A crappy hardcore punk song I wrote and recorded. Lyrics inspired by dialogue from Otto and Debbie’s bedroom scene in the 1984 movie Repo Man.


Cruz de Navajas – SPK

Banda Goth rock/post-punk de Mexico City.
demo by cruz de navajas (2016)……
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Uncontrollable Urge – Devo – O’Grady Live cover


Cretin Boys – Kiss me, kiss me baby!

Bagi birthday party!