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Blink 182 Summer Tour 09 – Vancouver: Mark singing O Canada.

Apparently Vancouver is “very patriotic” XDDDD

July 28, 2009.


Blink 182 – After Midnight Live Conan 2011 – HD


Blink 182 – I miss you (Live @ Houston TX, 2016)


Blink 182 at London St Pancras Station

Played by a random stranger at St Pancras International. This guys has some serious talent.


Blink-182 : Dumpweed /Sydney, Australia – 2000/ + LYRICS!



It’s understood, I said it many ways
Too scared to run, I’m too scared to stay
I said I’d leave, but I could never leave her
And if I did, you know I’d never cheat her
But this I ask, it’s what I want to know
How would you feel, if I should choose to go
Another guy, you think it’d be unlikely
Another guy, you think he’d want to fight me

She’s a dove, She’s a fucken nightmare
Unpredictable, it was my mistake to stay here
On the go and it’s way too late to play
I need a girl that I can train

I heard it once, I’m sure I heard it twice
My dad used to give me all of his advice
He would say you got to turn your back and run now
Come on son, you haven’t got a chance now

[Chorus x2]

Need a girl that I can train [x2]
Turn your back and run now
You haven’t got a chance now

Need a girl that I can train [x2]
Turn your back and run now
You haven’t got a chance now


New View as Blink-182 @ The Garage MN 5/6/16

New View performs as Blink-182 for Pop Punk Sucks night at The Garage in Burnsville MN


Blink-182 – Violence LIVE San Antonio Tx. 7/30/16

AT&T Center
San Antonio, Tx.
July 30, 2016


Blink 182 – Easy Target (LA Forum, Private Concert)

Blink 182 – Easy Target (LA Forum, Private Concert, July 20, 2009)


Blink 182 Concert Encore Chicago