Blink-182’s Tom DeLonge Says Tour, Album Going To Be ‘A-Plus’

“I know for a fact that there’s a really good chance that whatever Travis does on drums, I’ll be on that with him,” DeLonge says.


Blink 182 – Los Angeles (NO OFFICIAL)

Los Angeles – new music by blink 182 the California new album.

this video isn’t official! only montage in others videos!

video to demonstrate the passion for this amazing band!

composition this videos:

Official – Bored To Death (Takes)

Phantom Camera Skateboarding by Nick Midwig & John Benam

Special thanks to Eric Blair & Mission Film


blink-182 Live @ Lollapalooza Chicago 2017 (720p)

I do not own any of this video. All rights go to RedBull TV, Lollapalooza, and blink-182.



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0:00 Anthem Pt. 2
3:44 What’s My Age Again?
6:22 First Date
9:47 Bored To Death
14:20 Down
17:47 I Miss You
22:22 Dumpweed
25:52 Reckless Abandon
29:25 She’s Out Of Her Mind
32:30 Kings of the Weekend
36:10 Violence
40:02 Sober
44:02 Happy Holidays, You Bastard
44:47 Dysentery Gary
47:40 Los Angeles
51:00 All The Small Things
54:16 Dammit


Blink 182 – Dammit (Live at Phoenix, AZ 09/24/16)


Blink-182 Rockfest 2016-06-24 Full Concert (HD)(POV)

Amnesia Rockfest 2016 (Montebello, QC)


Why by Blink 182 & Green Day

This is my tribute to my two favorite punk bands Green Day and Blink 182! It’s just a bunch of pics of them and the song they once did together. Members name of each band:

Green Day: Billie Joe Armstrong(lead vocals & guitar), Mike Dirnt(backup vocal & bass) and Tre Cool(drums)

Blink 182: Tom Delong(vocals & guitar), Mark Hoppus(backup vocals & bass), and Travis Barker(drums)



Every Blink-182 Album in a Minute – One Minute Mashup #5

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Copyright Chad Neidt 2012

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Song List:

0:03 Carousel
0:04 M&M’s
0:05 Toast and Bananas
0:08 Wasting Time
0:10 Pathetic
0:12 Dammit
0:14 Apple Shampoo
0:18 Josie
0:20 What’s My Age Again
0:22 Going Away to College
0:24 All the Small Things
0:26 Adam’s song
0:28 Rock Show
0:30 Reckless Abandon
0:31 Shut up
0:34 Every time I look for you
0:36 Feeling this
0:39 I Miss You
0:41 GO
0:43 Here’s Your Letter
0:46 Up All Night
0:50 Ghost on the dance floor
0:53 Wishing Well
0:56 Kaleidoscope.


Fall Out Boy – Blink 182 Tour Video 3

Fall Out Boy & Brendon Urie from Panic! At The Disco perform “Don’t Stop Believing” by Journey


Blink-182 – First Date Live @ Barclaycard Arena, Birmingham, UK 07/07/2017

Blink-182 – First Date Live @ Barclaycard Arena, Birmingham, UK 07/07/2017

This was recorded by myself! Shame i had seated tickets so far away from the stage!


Travis Barker of Blink 182 Drum Solo at Endfest 18 at the White River Amphitheatre

After seeing the drum solo at the Portland show I couldn’t tell enough people about what they were going to experience. Just like portland it was amazing.