Blink-182 – “Stay Together For The Kids” LIVE @ Reading

Blink-182 performing their hit-single “Stay Together For The Kids” LIVE at the Reading Festival 2010.


All The Small Things – Blink 182 (Fan Made)


Blink 182 I miss You-Backstage Pass

Blink 182


Blink-182 – First Date Best Live After Reunit HD

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Last Show Blink 182 with Tom deLonge : [HOT]

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Best Live Before Reunited in 2009 :

Best Live After Reunited in 2009 :

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Blink-182 – The Rock Show (live at Summer Sonic 03)

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Blink-182 – “Wishing Well” LIVE @ Reading 2014

Blink-182 playing their song “Wishing Well” LIVE at the Reading Festival 2014.


Blink 182 The Girl Next Door Lyrics (Screeching Weasel Cover)

Yea, ill be uploading lyric videos again, Im still gonna go for every Blink song. I don’t know how much ill upload… I just got bored of it before, and it is way better quality than before. This is off Blink-182’s 3rd demo Buddha. I do not own this music.


TOM DELONGE – AFTER They Were Famous – Blink-182

AFTER Tom DeLong formed Blink 182 and the group would dominate pop punk with hits like “Dammit”, “What’s My Age Again?”, “Adams Song”, “All the small things”, and “Aliens Exist”.

If you’re a Blink 182 fan you are well aware that the group has dropped their 7th studio album titled California in 2016, but the groups founding member Tom DeLonge is no longer in the band. The group has broken up before back in 2005 due to the boys not getting along and creative difference so Tom formed Angels & Airwaves, during this time he was also struggling with an addiction to pain killers. Angels & Airwaves should probably have been titled Aliens & Airwaves after Tom’s life long obsession of studying UFO’s, extraterrestrials and space conspiracy. Tom’s interest in space and it’s mysteries has led him to go on camping endeavours outside of Area 51 where he recalls loosing 3 hours of time and a group of men or aliens chatting outside his tent. Tom has dug so deep into alien literature and UFO research that he says he is now in talks with sources at NASA and the Department of Defense and is creating space books, films and music. These are commitments that have him too tied up to hang with the boys of Blink 182.

What’s going on guys? My name is Michael McCrudden documenting the life and career of Tom DeLonge after his initial rise to fame, here for you on AFTER They Were Famous. You guys have been asking for this video for months and I’m a massive Blink 182 fans. I got dumped not long ago and jammed out to Always for like a week. Aright, enough about me let’s get into this bio.

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Blink 182 – I Miss You – Live – Tinley Park Chicago


blink-182 – Down live

Blink182 Live at the Usana Amphitheater in Salt Lake City on September 22nd 2016. Enjoy