Blink-182 Flyswatter FULL ALBUM 1992

This is the first demo of Blink 182.Enjoy it!


blink-182 – carousel (march 25, 2017)

blink-182 performing ‘carousel’ at the nmsu pan am center in las cruces, new mexico.


Blink-182 – Transvestite (from the original Buddha) RARE!

best quality on youtube.
ive seen lots of vids of this song with horrible quality’i asure this is the clearest =)


Blink 182 I miss You-Backstage Pass

Blink 182


blink-182 – Down, San Diego Ca. 07/21/2016

BLINK-182, North American Tour 2016
Viejas Arena, San Diego, California


blink-182 Not Now (Let’s Dance)

The “Not Now” demo’s I mixed together to make the “Lets Dance” demo.

My own music as well:


Blink 182 live AK Chin Pavillion Phoenix, AZ 9/24/16 “Feeling This”

30 seconds of Feeling This before my phone died at the show in Phoenix 9/24/2016


What’s My Age Again? – Blink 182 live in Bangor, Maine

September 3, 2016 at the Bangor Waterfront


Blink 182 – Not Now Lyrics

Lyric video for the song “Not Now” by Blink 182. I Just remixed up the original video and added some Lyrics. I don’t own anything from the music or the video. All rights go to Blink 182

Come here, please hold my hand for now
Help me, I’m scared please show me how to fight this,
God has a master plan
And I guess
I am in his demand
Please save me this time I cannot run
And I’ll see you when this is done
And now I have come to realize
That you are the one who’s left behind

Please stay until I’m gone
I’m here hold on to me I’m right here

I see, a light it feels good
And I’ll come back soon just like you would
It’s useless, my name has made the list
And I wish, I gave you one last kiss

Please stay until I’m gone
I’m here hold on to me I’m right here
Waiting and take
My one last breath, and don’t forget
That I will be right here


blink-182 – Stay Together fot the Kids in St. Louis 09/11/16

California Summer Tour

Feeling This
What’s My Age Again?
Family Reunion
The Rock Show
First Date
I Miss You
Bored to Death
Built This Pool
Stay Together for the Kids
Reckless Abandon
San Diego
Not Now
Kings of the Weekend
Happy Holidays, You Bastard
Dysentery Gary
Los Angeles
All the Small Things