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Blink-182 – After Midnight (Live Las Vegas) HD


EXCLUSIVE: Travis Barker Reveals ‘Rest Time’ For Blink-182, Son Landon Is Ready to Be a Rapper!

More from Entertainment Tonight:
ET caught up with the drummer and his kids at Knott’s Scary Farm on Friday night, where he revealed Blink-182 is taking a bit of a break following the release of their album ‘California.’


blink 182 – Josie Best Live After Reunite

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Last Show Blink 182 with Tom deLonge : [HOT]

Blink-182 Official Video :

Blink-182 Lyric Video :

Blink-182 FULL CONCERT :

Blink-182’s Funny Moments :

Blink-182’s News [ INTERVIEW ] :

Blink-182’s song COVER :

Blink-182’s Documentary :

Blink-182 Behind The Scene :

Best Live Before Reunited in 2009 :

Best Live After Reunited in 2009 :

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blink-182 – Bored to Death – San Diego, Ca. 07/21/2016

“Bored to Death”
BLINK-182, North American Tour 2016
Viejas Arena, San Diego, California


Swanisphere – one eighty two a tribute to blink 182


Blink 182 – The Piano Album

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A full piano album of various Blink 182 tracks arranged for Piano, The Blink 182 Piano Symphony =)

1. Carousel 00:00
2. Going Away To College 04:20
3. I Miss You 07:23
4. Anthem Part 1 10:42
5. Dammit 13:23
6. What’s My Age Again? 16:12
7. Wrecked Him 18:18
8. Anthem Part 2 20:53
9. All The Small Things 24:15
10. Rock Show 26:53
11. Stay Together For The Kids 29:46
12. Another Girl Another Planet 32:55
13. A Letter To Elise 35:20
14. Always 38:33

All recorded today =D Thought I would do something special because of my absence, I was thinking of doing Dark Side of The Moon piano version album too, would be pretty cool I think. Blink were my favourite band when I was 16 so I did this, was strange hearing these songs again I forgot most of them hard to believe since I was such a big fan.

Hope you enjoy

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Blink-182- Dammit (Live) Nashville, TN

Part of Dammit Live At Ascend Amphitheater in Nashville, Tennessee. 8/8/16


Blink-183 Dammit (LIVE rehearsal demo)

Live demo recording


blink-182 – live at KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas 2011 [FULL SHOW]

Live at KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas, Los Angeles, CA // December 10th, 2011

VIDEO GUIDE : Feeling This 2:28 // Up All Night 5:40 // Happy Holidays, You Bastard 9:28 // The Rock Show 10:20 // What’s My Age Again? 13:28 // I Miss You 16:28 // Wishing Well 21:28 // Dumpweed 25:10 // After Midnight 28:17 // First Date 31:58 // Heart’s All Gone 35:24 // I Won’t be Home for Christmas 39:22 // All The Small Things 42:34 // Josie 46:41 // Dammit 50:19 // Family Reunion 53:27

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