Blink-182 – Feeling This Live @Frankfurt 12/06/2017

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Blink-182 (Not Now) September 9,09 Portland Oregon



Blink 182 – I Miss You (Live 2016)

Blink-182 California Summer 2016 Tour
July 31, 2016
The Woodlands Pavilion, Houston TX


blink-182 – Exclusive Interview 2001

blink-182 – Exclusive Interview 2001


New Blink-182 song prediction (with matt skiba)

Mark you’re such a tease ;-). Based solely on Matt’s vocals from a twitter post I wrote this chord progression and added some instruments to make small prediction of how the chorus in one of the songs could end up (let alone I don’t recall blink has ever done a song in the time signature of 3/4 😛 …correct me if i’m wrong).. anyways Chords are: F, C, Am, [Bb, C]… or something like that..

To blink: I’m available for collab 😉

Time for some shameless promotion! Ready? I actually wrote my own christmas song last year… check it ^_^


Blink 182 Carousel Live Warped Tour ’99, San Bernadino, CA, USA 01/07/1999 (VHS-DVD)
The file was transferred from a VHS tape to a DVD
All my videos are transferring VHS to DVD
Most of the shows were moved by the capture card or a DVD recorded and they are not VCD/MPEG1
since the quality loss was almost nothing.


Blink 182 – Carousel Best Live After Reunit

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Best Live Before Reunited in 2009 :

Best Live After Reunited in 2009 :

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blink-182 – “Josie” (Live in San Diego 9-20-13)

blink-182 performing Josie live from 91X XFest at the Sleep Train Amphitheater in Chula Vista, CA on September 20, 2013. Thanks to the obnoxious, self-centered bitch standing on her seat with her arms in the air 95% of the time four rows in front of me, I had a severely obstructed view for the entire set. This was shot with a Sony Cyber-shot HX50V.


Blink 182 O’ Canada End Of Concert

August 1, 2009: Saskatoon, SK


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