Blink 182 live Phoenix 2017 – Los Angeles

Blink 182 @ The 2017 Capital One Jamfest in Phoenix , Arizona


Blink 182 – Pathetic – Live

From July 6th, 1997 Vans Warped Tour show at Pier 41 in San Francisco, California


Why You Need Merch at Gigs – The Racket

Making money from gigs is TOUGH. Merch marketing guru for big brands like Blink 182’s Atticus and drummer for the Wonder Stuff gives the 101 on why you need merch, branding and sponsorship.

Can Anyone be a Music Producer?:
Why You Need Merch at Gigs:
What to do before you go into the studio: COMING SOON!

Promoting A Gig:
Twitter: @TheMusicRacket

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Blink 182 – “Violence” at Honda Civic Tour in Chicago 8.20.2011

Blink 182 performing Violence at the First Midwest Bank Amphitheater in Tinley Park, IL on August 20th, 2011.


Blink 182 “What’s My Age Again”

Live @ Orlando Amphitheater Orlando Florida, 5-4-2017


Blink 182 First Date live in St.Louis 9/11/16


Feeling This – Blink 182, Vancouver, 31 August 2011 [HD]

Blink 182 on the Honda Civic Tour, Vancouver BC, Canada. Opening song.
You can see just how rough the pit was from how shaky the film is.


Green Day & Blink 182 – Why

Green Day & Blink 182 – Why
Two punk rock band togheter rock


Blink-182 Live Austin Texas 6-4-16 X-Games

They played some good songs. That was a good concert.


Dave Days – “Dammit” (Relica Live at Chain Reaction)

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RELICA LIVE is an ongoing multi-episode webseries showcasing up & coming talent in a live setting.
Live from Anaheim, California, Dave Days performs Blink 182’s “Dammit “on 11/15/15 on the last date of the “We’re All Alright Tour” presented by Relica Music Group.


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Backing Band:
Bass: David Michael Frank
Guitar: Jose Mostajo
Drums: Dave Briggs

Video and music produced by Relica Music Group


Relica Music Group, founded by Dave Days, is an independent record label and media company with the desire to empower artists to make a living doing what they love by providing the necessary resources in order to succeed in today’s converging digital landscape.

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