Machine Gun Kelly meets his favorite band Blink 182 for the 1st time!

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Justin Sane (Anti-Flag) fala sobre Green Day e Blink 182! (legendado)

Justin Sane (vocalista da banda de punk-rock “Anti-Flag”) fala, à saída da Dublin Academy, sobre sua opinião sobre Green Day e seu contributo para o Punk-Rock.
São também abordadas bandas como Blink-182, +44 (Plus fourty-four), Good Riddance, Strike Anywhere, etc…

Gravado a 17 de maio de 2008 @Dublin Academy


Blink-182 : Dumpweed /Sydney, Australia – 2000/ + LYRICS!



It’s understood, I said it many ways
Too scared to run, I’m too scared to stay
I said I’d leave, but I could never leave her
And if I did, you know I’d never cheat her
But this I ask, it’s what I want to know
How would you feel, if I should choose to go
Another guy, you think it’d be unlikely
Another guy, you think he’d want to fight me

She’s a dove, She’s a fucken nightmare
Unpredictable, it was my mistake to stay here
On the go and it’s way too late to play
I need a girl that I can train

I heard it once, I’m sure I heard it twice
My dad used to give me all of his advice
He would say you got to turn your back and run now
Come on son, you haven’t got a chance now

[Chorus x2]

Need a girl that I can train [x2]
Turn your back and run now
You haven’t got a chance now

Need a girl that I can train [x2]
Turn your back and run now
You haven’t got a chance now


Blink 182 VS Green Day (Comparison)

Songs of Blink 182:

– Fuck a dog (Intro Blink)
– Carousel
– Sometimes
– Fentoozler
– Dick lips
– Dammit
– Apple shampoo
– What’s my age again?
– First date
– All the small things
– After midnight
– Wishing well
– Up all night
– Pathetic
– Untitled
– Josie
– Heart’s all gone
– Dumpweed
– Adam’s song
– Happy holidays, you bastards
– I won’t be home for chritsmas
– Carousel
– TV
– Anthem
– I won’t be home for chritsmas
– Carousel
– Dumpweed
– M+M’s
– Wasting time

Song of Green day:

– 21st century breakdown (Intro video)
– Time of your life (Intro Green day)
– Castaway (Interlude)
– Dry ice
– At the library
– 2000 light years away
– When I come around
– Basket case
– Longview
– Boulevard of broken dreams
– Know your enemy
– American idiot
– Let yourself go
– Oh love
– X-kid
– Stuck with me
– Jaded
– Nice guys finish last
– Burnout
– Missing you
– Chump
– See the light
– Stuart and the ave.
– Castaway
– Longview
– Dirty rotten bastards
– Reject
– At the library
– Castaway
– Dirty rotten bastards
– Oh love
– Time of your life (Credits)


blink 182 – Josie Best Live After Reunite

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blink-182 live at Epicenter Festival 2010 [FULL SHOW]

2010.09.26 // live at Epicenter Festival, Fontana, CA


Blink 182 i miss you- buffalo chip sturgis rally 2017


Blink 182-Story of a Lonely Guy LIVE 2002 Pop DIsaster

i would wish, be upon a star, but that star, it sdoesnt shine, so read my book with a boring ending, a short story of a lonely guy

Como quisiera estar sobre una estrella, pero esa estrella no brilla, asi que leerás mi libro con un final aburrido, una pequeña historia sobre un chico solitario


Blink 182 – First Date – Drum Cover

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blink-182 – What’s My Age Again? (VIP Soundcheck) [Live @ Milwaukee 2016]

blink-182 & All Time Low at Marcus Amphitheater / Summerfest, Milwaukee