Blink-182 (Josie) September 9,09.Portland Oregon

yeah i know its short but the camera kept tweakin,i got what i could


Blink 182 Vancouver 2011 Part 2

The show is not in order or recorded in full
Amazing show =D


blink-182 – Carousel (Live iHeartRadio Theater 2016)


fight at blink 182 Hershey, PA



5 outfits you could wear to a rock concert!
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– OUTFIT 1 –
Beanie – Vans
Biker jacket – Vintage/DIY
Long shirt – H&M men
Choker – Ebay
Blink 182 Necklace – Ebay
Grey jeans – H&M
Creepers – T.U.K.

– OUTFIT 2 –
Jacket – Bershka
Choker – Ebay
Crystal Stone Necklace – Ebay
Necklace – Blink 182
Misfits shirt – Ebay
Belt – Zara
Shorts – Zara
Boots – Dr. Martens

– OUTFIT 3 –
Jacket – DIY
Shirt – Unif
Choker – Ebay
Necklace – Blink 182
Concho belt – Forever 21
Jeans – Primark/DIY
Boots – Steve Madden

– OUTFIT 4 –
Beanie – Vans
Choker – Ebay
Necklace – Blink 182
Striped shirt – Monki
Blink 182 hoodie – Ebay
Belt – Forever 21
Shorts – Levi
Boots – Dr. Martens

– OUTFIT 5 –
Denim Jacket – H&M
Choker – Ebay
Necklace – Blink 182
Shirt – Urban Outfitters
Jeans – Primark/DIY
Shoes – Vans

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Blink 182 News Tom DeLonge Heartfelt Message About Blink 182

Blink 182 Article Alternative Nation

John Feldman, the producer of Blink-182’s new album California, revealed in a recent Fuel article that “San Diego” is about former Blink-182 singer/guitarist Tom DeLonge.

“The history of the song [is about] growing up in San Diego, having so many of their work partners being from San Diego and having a member who lives in San Diego who is no longer in the band…it was a song that Mark didn’t want to write. I brought up the idea that you have to write about shit you don’t want to write about. You have to write about shit that’s right there on the surface.

There’s clearly a lot of feelings involved with having a best friend who is not in your band anymore, having a best friend with all that stuff that went down. Every band has these issues. To write a song, now, in their minds, to go back to San Diego, playing shows and tipping their hat to the city that allowed them to be a band…to me, Blink put San Diego on the map. If you think of its geographic location, they’re the band that made San Diego relevant as a city. I say that with the utmost respect to San Diego because I was born in San Diego, I grew up in San Diego but no body gave a fuck about San Diego. It was just like a place and suddenly Blink happened and it was like Seattle.

The song acts as a bittersweet homage, a goodbye to this city that none of us live in anymore but owe so much to, while acknowledging the interpersonal relationships within the band.”


Blink 182-Dammit (Riverbend in Cincinnati)

Blink 182 performing dammit @ the riverbend music center in Cincinnati, Ohio.


Tributo a Blink 182 (Banda: Ticket) Parte 2

Tributo a Blink 182
Banda Ticket
Vocal (Invitado): Jurgen
Bajo: Pez
Guitarra: Oscar
Bateria: Mostro
-Not Now
-Anthem part II


Blink-182 – Josie Live Acoustic Show London

Blink-182 performing last song of the show, Josie.


Los Angeles live / blink-182 / California Tour / San Diego / July 21, 2016