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California [ full album ] _ blink ?2

California is the bands’ latest 7th studio album ❗ It was released on July 1, 2016 through BMG ❕

Produced by: John Feldmann


Cynical 0:00
Bored to death 😴 1:55
She’s out of her mind 5:50
Los Angeles 8:32
Sober 11:35
Built this pool 14:34
No future 🔮 14:50
Home is such a lonely place 🏡 18:35
Kings of the weekend 21:56
Teenage satellites 📡 24:52
Left alone 28:03
Rabbit hole 🐰 31:12
San Diego 🌴 33:47
The only thing that matters 36:59
California 38:56
Brohemian rhapsody 42:06

⚠ I must stated that it’s not my intention in any way / shape / form to take credits from the rightful owners ❗

🚫 No copyright infringement intended. All rights reserved for Blink 182 / BMG / respective owners ❗

☑ Support the artist 🔄 more info at:

Enjoy ❕ ✌


Blink 182 – Cynical live (San Diego, CA. 07/22/16)

Blink 182 playing Cynical live during the California Summer tour in San Diego, CA at the Viejas Arena.
I do not own right to the music.
sorry for the crackling noise, don’t know how to get rid of it 🙁


Blink-182’s California: NOT GOOD


This album ain’t good.


Official site:

TND Twitter:

TND Facebook:

Support TND:


Y’all know this is just my opinion, right?


“Feeling This” Blink 182@Sands Bethlehem PA Event Center 9/12/13

Feeling This, Blink 182, Sands Casino Event Center, Bethlehem, PA; September 12th, 2013; Summer Tour


Unboxing of Blink 182 VIP Package

Quick un-boxing of the Blink 182 Official VIP Package which is still available I believe for all remaining shows. It costs $250 and as you’ll see, even if your a super fan like me, it still may not be worth that much for what you get. It does come with the ticket which was around $90 so that does add value.

The package contains:
1) Blink 182 Tour Poster (limited & numbered)
2) Blink 182 Tour Shirt
3) Premium Ticket
4) Set of official guitar picks
5) Collectible Tour Laminate (VIP Pass)

This video’s quality isn’t that great and I do set the camera down a few times, sorry!


Blink-182 – Does My Breath Smell (live @ Warped Tour, Atlanta 05/08/97)

Live @ Warped Tour, Lakewood, Fairgrounds, Atlanta, GA, 05.08.1997

Russian Fan Page of Blink-182


Blink 183 Berlin 30.06.2012

Blink 183 Berlin 30.06.2012


Blink 182 – Live Coors Amphitheatre 2000 (full show)

at Coors Amphitheatre, Chula Vista, CA, USA, 11.05.2000

Don’t Leave Me
Aliens Exist
Dick Lips
Family Reunion
Blow Job
What’s My Age Again?
Going Away to College
Drum Solo
Adam’s Song
Peggy Sue
Wendy Clear
Genie in a Bottle (Christina Aguilera cover)
Thong Song (Sisqó cover)
The Country Song
All the Small Things