Dumpweed (Blink-182 California Tour – Hershey, PA)

Blink-182’s California Tour at Hersheypark Stadium on 08/27/2016


Blink 182 – After Midnight Live Conan 2011 – HD



Blink 182 – Live HFStival Summer 1999 (full show)

at PSINet Stadium, Baltimore, MD, USA, 29.05.1999

Family Reunion
Peggy Sue
What’s My Age Again?
Going Away to College


blink-182 – 6/8 | Acoustic Cover

I am loving these Deluxe California songs! Not long until release now! Hope you like my acoustic version of blink-182’s new song 6/8 (My first cover song in a 6/8 time signature… nice!)

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You live in a world I cannot believe
You create a world I don’t want to see
And you forest’s a stand of dead trees lost in the night

Did you ever think you’d live down the past?
You just wanna tie yourself to the mast
All your nightmares have come to you at last, at least in your mind

Learn to swim in rushing rivers breaking on the shore
Make your peace with broken streets
Your face turned towards the storm

Your hallow accusations no one ever hears
Your wounded sense of pride, a guilty souvenir
All your protests and vacant excuses ring insincere

I just want to find a car to overturn
I just want to light a fire and watch it burn
Now we’re past the point of no return and no one is here

Learn to swim in rushing rivers breaking on the shore
Make your peace with broken streets
Your face turned towards the storm

You are afraid, uneducated on where this would lead
Going on for far too long
We are sorry for the greed
Leave us in pieces and places
War torn and wronged

In between whispers and screams
You permeate my soul
Lost between nightmares and dreams
You decimate this home

Learn to swim in rushing rivers breaking on the shore
Make your peace with broken streets
Your face turned towards the storm

CHORDS (for this cover):

Dbm // Dbm // A // Dbm

E // Eb // Dbm // A
E // Eb // Dbm

Dbm // A // E

Dbm // B // A


LP/Blink182 Concert Venue Fans Sing One More Light Tribute

Located @ Citi Field, NY where LP was suppose to play with Blink182 aka Blinkin Park

Amazing tribute! Thought this was beautiful and wanted to share it.


Fans Sing “One More Light” @ Citi Field, NY – Chester Bennington Tribute
xGeneralxS – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLKzcNIy2kn_sP1jAEtuqoQ


Blink-182 – Live at the Reading Festival, 2010 (Full BBC Coverage)

Artist: Blink-182
Recorded: 29 August, 2010 at Little John’s Farm, Reading, Berkshire, UK

“Feeling This”
“The Rock Show”
“What’s My Age Again?”
0:00 “Violence”
4:23 “I Miss You”
8:50 “Stay Together for the Kids”
13:18 “Down”
16:40 “Stockholm Syndrome”
“First Date”
“Man Overboard”
“Don’t Leave Me”
20:42 “Not Now”
25:15 “All the Small Things”
“Reckless Abandon”
“Anthem Part Two”
Drum Solo (performed by Travis Barker)
“Family Reunion”

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Blink 182 – Cynical live (San Diego, CA. 07/22/16)

Blink 182 playing Cynical live during the California Summer tour in San Diego, CA at the Viejas Arena.
I do not own right to the music.
sorry for the crackling noise, don’t know how to get rid of it 🙁


Blink 182 – Not Now – Subtitulada Español

Artista: Blink 182
Cancion: Not Now
Album: Blink 182


Blink-182 The Rock Show (lyrics)

Audio Content owned by WMG


Dammit blink 182, El Paso TX, 07/26/2016