Blink 182 @ Warped Tour ’99 – Orlando, FL (Intro & Pathetic)

Blink 182
Warped Tour ’99 – Central Florida Fairgrounds – Orlando, FL

Intro (Family Reunion) & Pathetic

*Full show available


Blink-182 – First Date (Minority 905 Cover)

This week we granted a request from our Facebook page. A little throwback of Blink-182’s classic “First Date”. Should we cover “Bored To Death”?

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Minority 905
Vocals/Guitar – John Aquino
Drums – Spasimir Vasilev
Bass/Backing Vocals – Steven Wolwyn

Recorded, produced by Minority 905

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Rockabye Baby! Lullaby Renditions of Blink 182

Rockabye Baby! Lullaby Renditions of blink-182 Available Now!

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Rockabye Baby transforms rock favorites into beautiful instrumental lullabies. Guitars and drums are traded for xylophones and bells, and the volume is turned down from an eleven to a two. Tonight, the cradle will rock.


blink-182 live in Atlanta, GA Part 3 I Miss You Asthenia

Blink performing in Atlanta Georgia


California [ full album ] _ blink ?2

California is the bands’ latest 7th studio album ❗ It was released on July 1, 2016 through BMG ❕

Produced by: John Feldmann


Cynical 0:00
Bored to death 😴 1:55
She’s out of her mind 5:50
Los Angeles 8:32
Sober 11:35
Built this pool 14:34
No future 🔮 14:50
Home is such a lonely place 🏡 18:35
Kings of the weekend 21:56
Teenage satellites 📡 24:52
Left alone 28:03
Rabbit hole 🐰 31:12
San Diego 🌴 33:47
The only thing that matters 36:59
California 38:56
Brohemian rhapsody 42:06

⚠ I must stated that it’s not my intention in any way / shape / form to take credits from the rightful owners ❗

🚫 No copyright infringement intended. All rights reserved for Blink 182 / BMG / respective owners ❗

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blink-182 – Does My Breath Smell live @ WHFS Festival June ’98

I’ve seen both June 15 and 18th, 1998 for this date. WHFS Festival, RFK Stadium, Washington DC, USA


Blink-182- She’s Out Of Her Mind

Blink-182 Tour 2017 feat. Blink-182- She’s Out Of Her Mind 8-1-17 at Express Live in Columbus, Ohio


Blink-182 Untitled (Live)

Hier einmal Blink-182’s Live-Album “The Mark, Tom and Travis Show”. Hier ist der schöne Song “Untitled”
Das Album kam im Jahre 2000 raus und ist auch unter dem Namen “The Enema Strikes Back” bekannt.

P.S.: spricht man es eig {antitelt} oder {antaitelt} aus. würde mich über ne antwort freuen ;D


Blink 182 Bored To Death- Toronto

Blink 182 Bored To Death- Toronto August 21


Blink-182- Reckless Abandon

a video for blink-182’s song Reckless Abandon

Audio SYnc= GOOD!