blink-182 – carousel (march 25, 2017)

blink-182 performing ‘carousel’ at the nmsu pan am center in las cruces, new mexico.


Blink 182 – I Miss You (Live SLC 9/3/11)

Blink 182 – I Miss You (Live SLC 9/3/11)


Blink 182 I miss You-Backstage Pass

Blink 182


Blink 182 Albums Ranked!

Sorry this took ages. I recorded this about 2 weeks ago but honestly was too lazy to do anything…. But here it is anyway, I rank the Blink 182 albums from Cheshire Cat to California


Blink 182 – “Reckless Abandon” – Toronto, ONT (August 21, 2016 @ Molson Amphitheatre)

Blink-182 performing “Reckless Abandon” live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada at the Molson Canadian Amphitheatre on August 21st, 2016. Part of the California world tour with All Time Low and A Day To Remember.


Blink 182 – Live HFStival Summer 1999 (full show)

at PSINet Stadium, Baltimore, MD, USA, 29.05.1999

Family Reunion
Peggy Sue
What’s My Age Again?
Going Away to College


Blink 182 live AK Chin Pavillion Phoenix, AZ 9/24/16 “Feeling This”

30 seconds of Feeling This before my phone died at the show in Phoenix 9/24/2016


Tom DeLonge on Blink-182: ‘We Do Have a Future Together’

Former Blink 182 member Tom DeLonge recently took to social media to clearify his relationship with the popular 90’s pop punk band.The update arrives after the band announced their new album California, which will feature original members Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker but not Delonge. He wrote, “I actually talk to Travis almost every day now. In an odd way I’m almost closer to him more now than ever.” DeLonge added, “We DO have a future together if we want it, but for now we are busy doing separate things.”

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blink-182 – Story of a Lonely Guy (Cover by Wessberg & Snorgaard)



This is a acoustic cover of Story of a Lonely Guy by blink-182. This was a cooperation with my talented friends Andreas and Christian from Overmoon who just released their brand new music video for the song: “Magic”.

Vocals: Frederik Wessberg
Guitar #1: Christian Snorgaard
Guitar #2: Frederik Wessberg
Bass: Andreas Snorgaard
Backing Vocals: Andreas Snorgaard, Christian Snorgaard

Composition and lyrics originally written by blink-182

Original song released on the label “MCA”
All rights remain copyrighted property of it’s owner(s).

Production, mix & mastering done in SilverMike Studio by Frederik Wessberg.


Blink 182 – First Date

Greatest Hits is a greatest hits compilation album by Blink-182, released on November 1, 2005, following the band’s split earlier in the year. A DVD, Greatest Hits, was also released, featuring the same title and cover. The disc included most of the band’s music videos.

“Carousel” was not on the original track-listing for the album, but after fan complaints it was included.

Fans are known to have complained about the DVD footage, as all of it was included on previous releases – the live footage on The Urethra Chronicles II, and the behind the scenes footage on the first three singles from the Blink-182 album. The only exclusive video was “What’s My Age Again?” (Live In Chicago), although the DVD menu credits it as the performance featured on “The Urethra Chronicles” from London in 1999. An edited version was released (like some other Blink-182 albums).