03 – blink-182 – Blow Job Song & Family Reunion live in Chicago

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Why You Need Merch at Gigs – The Racket

Making money from gigs is TOUGH. Merch marketing guru for big brands like Blink 182’s Atticus and drummer for the Wonder Stuff gives the 101 on why you need merch, branding and sponsorship.

Can Anyone be a Music Producer?: https://youtu.be/hbAvxuX6mYM
Why You Need Merch at Gigs: https://youtu.be/leRcFQtviCA
What to do before you go into the studio: COMING SOON!

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Meeting blink-182! April 22, 2017

Saved Snap story of the Arkansas blink-182 “Everything’s Gonna be Fine” meet and greet VIP tickets


Blink-182 : Dumpweed /Sydney, Australia – 2000/ + LYRICS!



It’s understood, I said it many ways
Too scared to run, I’m too scared to stay
I said I’d leave, but I could never leave her
And if I did, you know I’d never cheat her
But this I ask, it’s what I want to know
How would you feel, if I should choose to go
Another guy, you think it’d be unlikely
Another guy, you think he’d want to fight me

She’s a dove, She’s a fucken nightmare
Unpredictable, it was my mistake to stay here
On the go and it’s way too late to play
I need a girl that I can train

I heard it once, I’m sure I heard it twice
My dad used to give me all of his advice
He would say you got to turn your back and run now
Come on son, you haven’t got a chance now

[Chorus x2]

Need a girl that I can train [x2]
Turn your back and run now
You haven’t got a chance now

Need a girl that I can train [x2]
Turn your back and run now
You haven’t got a chance now


Blink 182-Down Portland Oregon 9.9.09

Down Live


What’s My Age Again? – Blink 182 live in Bangor, Maine

September 3, 2016 at the Bangor Waterfront


blink-182 – Violence – San Diego, Ca. 07/21/2016

BLINK-182, North American Tour 2016
Viejas Arena, San Diego, California


BLINK-182 – Live at The X-GAMES 2016 [FULL CONCERT]

** Video from @The Good Uncle on Periscope **

00:00 – Feeling This.
03:32 – What’s My Age Again?
06:05 – Family Reunion.
06:48 – The Rock Show.
09:37 – First Date.
12:54 – Down.
16:18 – I Miss You.
21:18 – Up All Night.
25:35 – Bored To Death.
29:31 – Built This Pool.
29:50 – Dumpweed (cut)
30:59 – Always.
35:44 – Stay Together For the Kids.
39:47 – Man overboard.
42:40 – Drum Solo / Violence.
47:06 – Josie.
50:50 – Happy Holidays, You Bastard.
52:15 – Not Now (First time with Matt Skiba)
56:06 – Reckless Abandon.
59:30 – Carousel.
01:05:32 – All The Small Things.
01:08:24 – Brohemian Rhapsody.
01:09:00 – Dammit.


Blink-182’s California: NOT GOOD

Listen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lic0oCDMfwk

This album ain’t good.

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Y’all know this is just my opinion, right?


Blink 182 – Carousel Live @ Chicago

Blink 182 Carousel live

Tom sounds really good in this live !