Blink-182 European Tour 2012

This is a mere amature video advertisement my little brother and I put together as a contest entry for Blink-182. We do not own the music, logos, and such. We are just promoting the band like they told us to do. Enjoy!

If you’re in Europe, check these guys out. You know you want to!
All tour dates and tickets here:!/blink182/app_123966167614127

music used:
Heart’s All Gone Interlude – Blink-182
Up All Night – Blink-182


Blink-182 – Transvestite (from the original Buddha) RARE!

best quality on youtube.
ive seen lots of vids of this song with horrible quality’i asure this is the clearest =)


New Blink-182 song prediction (with matt skiba)

Mark you’re such a tease ;-). Based solely on Matt’s vocals from a twitter post I wrote this chord progression and added some instruments to make small prediction of how the chorus in one of the songs could end up (let alone I don’t recall blink has ever done a song in the time signature of 3/4 😛 …correct me if i’m wrong).. anyways Chords are: F, C, Am, [Bb, C]… or something like that..

To blink: I’m available for collab 😉

Time for some shameless promotion! Ready? I actually wrote my own christmas song last year… check it ^_^


Why You Need Merch at Gigs – The Racket

Making money from gigs is TOUGH. Merch marketing guru for big brands like Blink 182’s Atticus and drummer for the Wonder Stuff gives the 101 on why you need merch, branding and sponsorship.

Can Anyone be a Music Producer?:
Why You Need Merch at Gigs:
What to do before you go into the studio: COMING SOON!

Promoting A Gig:
Twitter: @TheMusicRacket

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Blink-182 Souncheck – San Diego – Cincinnati, Ohio 2016


blink-182 – Carousel – live at Lokerse Feesten 2014

live at Lokerse Feesten in Belgium
7th August 2014

Support the artist! See them live and buy their merchandise.


Blink 182 – Not Now Lyrics

Lyric video for the song “Not Now” by Blink 182. I Just remixed up the original video and added some Lyrics. I don’t own anything from the music or the video. All rights go to Blink 182

Come here, please hold my hand for now
Help me, I’m scared please show me how to fight this,
God has a master plan
And I guess
I am in his demand
Please save me this time I cannot run
And I’ll see you when this is done
And now I have come to realize
That you are the one who’s left behind

Please stay until I’m gone
I’m here hold on to me I’m right here

I see, a light it feels good
And I’ll come back soon just like you would
It’s useless, my name has made the list
And I wish, I gave you one last kiss

Please stay until I’m gone
I’m here hold on to me I’m right here
Waiting and take
My one last breath, and don’t forget
That I will be right here


Blink 182 – I Miss You live (2014, Reading Festival)

Blink 182 performing I Miss You live at Reading Festival (2014).


blink-182 – :60 with Travis Barker

:60 with Travis Barker of Blink-182

Check out the video for “”Bored to Death””

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Blink 182-Dammit Portland Oregon 9.9.09

Dammit Live