Old Man Attacks SkateBoarder In Cast!

skip to 12:03 for fight! So Crazy But this oldman started to choke michael and it escalated to this! enjoy. like, share, and subscribe. leave a comment with your …



Escuchá y descargá este álbum desde https://soundcloud.com/pato-eskizofrenia/sets/organic-hardcore-punk ó https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VNKA6NxN4ac


Siempre vi lo que busqué
lo que había detrás
A través de la pared
escuché vientos quebrar

Sólo tu voz será la que me acompañará
de un lado a otro entre estos días de mierda

Cuántas horas te encontré
y no super qué decir
Si es el tiempo a quién maté
ya no hay nada para mi

Te recuerdo siempre acá
enseñándome a existir
las espinas ahí están pero puedo pasar
Te recuerdo siempre acá
enseñándome a vivir
las espinas ahí están pero ahora puedo pasar
y avanzar


AKnewGod – Threads [Metal] royalty free music ♫ FMH release

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Artist: AKnewGod
Song: Threads
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DownFall! practice.

DownFall! Punk Rock band from Whittier California. In this video you have an eight song sampler of the trio in action. we took a year off due to personal reason. this took place somewhere in our home town at a place called the HotHouse. thank you Richard Derkin for working the camera. please feel free to hit us up! WE ARE OPEN FOR BOOKING . Add us! on dat Facebook! thedownfall13@facebook.com and or contact us via Email : BigRips13@gmail.com . once again thanks for your time. we hope to party with you soon.


MI*NA*GI @ Red Dragon, Nagoya/Japan – 12.11.2016

Nagoya HC Punk
Live at Red Dragon, Nagoya/Japan
You will probably find Photos of this Gig at https://www.facebook.com/ainstain.de
Also visit http://fettecke.de for more information!


Top 10 Raw moments: WWE Top 10 Apr. 24 2017 | REACTION

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INTRO SONG: Diviners feat. Contacreast – Tropic Love
OUTRO SONG: Razihel – Love U


MySelf – Torta (slovenian rock grunge music)

Posneto april 2015.
Avtor: Dalibor Barić


TOP 10 Regresos en WWE 2017

Los regresos mas sorprendentes en WWE 2017.

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#003 Versus The World “Detox Retox” @ Punk Rock Holiday (08/08/2016) Tolmin, Slovenia

Este tema forma parte del concierto que Versus The World ofreció el primer día del festival Punk Rock Holiday que tuvo lugar el 8 de agosto del 2016 en un entorno paradisíaco como son las inmediaciones del Soča River en Tolmin, Eslovenia.

PlayLIST [All-IN] x150: “nrK7 (Punk Rock Holiday): Viaje al paraíso del Punk Rock”

“Detox Retox” es el tema 09 del disco “Homesick / Roadsick” (2015)

Something about this place makes everyone an asshole
There’s something in the air
Turns everyone’s lungs black
Instead of burning down the bridges
And the ports on my way out
I always find my way back

There’s something about my eyes that always looks for trouble
The thing about my hands they love the devils work
And I know I should bite my tongue
But I hate the taste of blood
And I don’t know what is worse

I detox all day and I retox my nights away
Sing my lungs out for the same song
Sing along

There’s some days I don’t even know my own reflection
I walk pass the mirror to see the devil catch my eye
Well I know better than to take a second look
Cause if I did I’d have to admit I liked what I find

I detox all day and I retox my nights away
Cut my lungs out for the same song
Sing along

You’ve got to love a place that looks out for the vultures
You keep the bottom fed they won’t come up for air
Well I swear I’m burning down the bridges
And the ports on my way out
So I can’t find my way back home

Detox all day and I retox my fucking life away
Sing my guts out for the same song
Sing along

Detox all day and I retox my nights away
Cut my heart out for the same song
Sing along.

Versus The World es una banda de Punk Rock que combina el post-hardcore con pop punk. Original de Santa Barbara, California, debutaron con su primer álbum homónimo en 2005. Mike Davenport y Donald Spence hicieron algunos conciertos acústicos bajo el nombre de “Pencapchew” antes de formar la banda y sacar sus actuales tres discos “Versus the World” (2005) “Drink. Sing. Live. Love.” (2012) y “Homesick/Roadsick” (2015).

Versus The World:


Punk Rock Holiday:

*The best Punk Rock party on the most amazing location in the World!

1) Registrado – Sony MV1 (Audio)
2) Zoom – Sony SR11

1st Day *Recording Memories (RecME 73): http://wp.me/p23YMz-pb
2nd Day *Recording Memories (RecME 73): http://wp.me/p23YMz-pr
3th Day *Recording Memories (RecME 73): http://wp.me/p23YMz-pJ
4th Day *Recording Memories (RecME 73): http://wp.me/p23YMz-pO
5th Day *Recording Memories (RecME 73): http://wp.me/p23YMz-pR


Green Day – American Idiot Global Citizen festival New York City

Green Day – American Idiot Global Citizen festival New York City.